How to Make More Money: Become a Spokesperson

by: Carrie Myers Smith


Increase your revenue potential by becoming a brand ambassador.

What do Shaun T and Tony Horton have in common with Jessica Simpson and Marie Osmond? They all represent companies as brand ambassadors and spokespeople—and you can, too!

According to, “A spokesperson is someone who’s chosen by a company to promote its brand through public announcements and endorsements. As a spokesperson, you’re the voice (and face!) of an entire organization.”

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IDEA Trainer Success, Volume 11, Issue 2

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About the Author

Carrie Myers Smith IDEA Author/Presenter

Carrie Myers, BS, is the owner of CarrieMichele Fitness and author of Squeezing Your Size 14 Self into a Size 6 World: A Real Woman’s Guide to Food, Fitness, and Self-Acceptance (Champion Press/Sour...