Frozen Assets

Did your home garden produce a bounty of fresh veggies and fruits this year? If so, you can extend your epicurean enjoyment by freezing your harvest, if you follow these simple tips on how to freeze food from Cooking Light magazine:

  • Allow cooked foods to cool to room temperature before freezing.
  • Divide food into individual servings so it freezes quickly and evenly.
  • Wrap food in heavy-duty plastic wrap or aluminum foil before putting it into a plastic container or freezer bag.
  • Never refreeze thawed food.
  • Thaw all food in the refrigerator, and eat it as soon as possible.
  • Avoid freezing foods that are high in sodium, because the high salt content will hamper freezing.
  • Trim the fat off of any meat that will be frozen, since fat doesn’t freeze well.
  • For freezing, pick vegetables and fruit with a lower water content; items that have more water, such as watermelon, lettuce and tomatoes, don’t fare well in the freezer.

Source: May 2005 Cooking Light.

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September 2005

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