How much do you charge for your personal training services? How did you arrive at this price point?

Oct 26, 2009

Tricks of the Trade

I’ve been a personal trainer for 24 years and was formerly a physical director of a YMCA. I have owned a private studio in my home for the past 11 years, and I work strictly with women one-on-one. My fees are $45 per hour for a package of five sessions or $50 for a single session. (I love my studio in my home; I don’t have far to go to work!) If I travel to a client’s home, I charge $75 per session.

Suanne Arvay Rieker
Center Valley, Pennsylvania

I charge $75 per hour for my training services. How did I decide on this rate? Through a combination of the rates charged by other trainers in my area ($50–$60); my credentials and excellent standing in the Puerto Rico fitness community; the hours I have available to train each week; my waiting list of clients; the other fitness-related activities I do that yield higher income; and the disposable income of my clientele (how much I think clients would be willing to pay for a personal trainer).

Lucila Pérez, MBA
Escultores de Cuerpo
Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

My rates vary from $50 to $75 per session. Each session is 50 minutes, including a 10-minute cool-down and stretch. A session once a week costs $75, twice a week costs $60 and three times a week costs $50. If clients want or need to do a 30-minute session, I charge them $40 for once a week, $35 for twice a week and $30 for three times per week.

Jey Linh Tran
Beyond Fitness Training
San Diego, California

I charge from $65 to $80 a session, less for friends and clients who have been with me since I started training. I charge less for clients who train three times a week and charge $35 per person for group sessions. My full-hour personal training sessions cater to my clients’ individual needs and goals and include myofascial release and passive stretches.

Erin Kouri
Jersey Shore, New Jersey

I surveyed other personal trainers in my city. If you are an excellent trainer, you should be spending money on education, which is quite expensive. I take into account the costs of education plus my business costs when determining my rate. I charge $85 per session. I say work smarter not harder.

David Franklin
DLF Fitness
Washington, DC

I work as an independent personal trainer, and I also run coaching and boot camp fitness groups. I’m in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and I charge $50 per hour. I think what you can charge as a personal trainer depends on where you live.

Ryan Helton
Helton Personal Fitness
Fort Worth, Texas

I train individuals in their homes. My rates are $45–$75 per hour, depending on how far I have to travel. However, I am flexible with my prices, and due to the economic downturn (Phoenix has been hard hit) I have had to lower my fees. The clients I train could never afford me if I charged higher prices. In addition, I would rather charge a lower price and keep clients longer, rather than having to find new ones.

Beverly Brewer Karpinski
Fit to the Core
Phoenix, Arizona

I train women in their homes, and every week I write each client a new workout plan specifically for her. I have extensive training in pre- and postnatal fitness, so I often train pregnant women. I also have a client who has a pacemaker and requires a very specialized program. I am an ACE-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor, and I’m also Spinning® certified. I earned my lifestyle fitness coaching specialist continuing education from DSWFitness. Currently, I am working toward my holistic fitness specialist certificate through the Academy of Holistic Fitness.

Since I travel to clients’ homes, create specific programs and am always taking continuing education, I feel that my rate of $100 per hour is a fair price.

Tiffany Palisi
Bella Fitness LLC
Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

I offer weight loss mentoring using my website, www.FormerFatChick .com, as a tool to walk people through my makeover plan and inspire them to succeed. Focus areas include mental preparedness, goal setting, exercise, rest/recovery and lifestyle skills. I consult with clients both face-to-face and online using Skype.

Rates vary based on services ordered but start at $100 per hour for a one-on-one consultation and $75 per hour for a Skype call. I’m also working out a package deal that will cost from $600 to $800 and will include a combination of services.

Shareen Newman
San Francisco Bay Area, California


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