Hiring Trainers Who Motivate Clients

by J. Annesi on Jan 01, 2000

Hiring Trainers Who Motivate Clients By Jim Annesi, PhD I magine taking the guesswork out of hiring qualified, competent and skilled personal fitness trainers capable of motivating and What Traits Work? Research for the study was conducted in fitness facilities in the Northeast and Midwest United States. Supervisors of five training departments were asked to select (from a prepared list) specific personality traits they considered essential for trainers to succeed. (Surprisingly, there was little consensus. Each administrator had a different view of optimal professional characteristics.) An experiment was then designed to rank trainers based on their ability to affect clients' exercise adherence. Over 16 weeks, each of the 21 trainers who participated in the study worked with 180 to 220 clients. Computerized attendance and payment records were kept at each facility to measure client adherence. Trainers were ranked by their ability to keep clients motivated to stay with the program. Personal training sessions and sessions completed on clients' own time were both included. After the ranking was completed, trainers filled out two psychological inventories matching personal traits to specific work positions. The results were analyzed to find a relationship between the ability to keep clients exercising and one or more of the measured traits. In the first inventory (Raphael 1992), trainers were gauged by the extent to which they reflected the following behavioral traits:

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