Handling Interruptions at Work

How many times have you really started to make headway on a project or report only to have a stream of interruptions break your concentration? This is frustrating but avoidable, according to Tatiana Kolovou, MBA, human resources training consultant at Indiana University and owner of Team Performance, a professional development and consulting company. During her talk on time management at IDEA’s Focus on Management Day, she suggested several strategies to eliminate some common time wasters from your day:

  • Be firm with others about your time.
  • Respond by voice mail instead of e-mail. It's faster.
  • Screen e-mails or use an e-mail filter.
  • Schedule callback times.
  • Schedule employee meeting times.
  • Have a quiet hour. Close your door and hang up a "Do Not Disturb" sign.
  • Practice verbal communication.
  • Keep a 5-day time log and identify your time management barriers.
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