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Food for Thought: Question: I keep hearing that we are supposed to choose fruits and vegetables from a wide “rainbow of colors.” But where do white foods like cauliflower and onions fit into this recommendation?

Answer: Although the current dietary recommendations focus attention on eating brightly colored fruits and veggies, don’t leave the white produce in the dark. While white produce may not be as appealing to the eye as its more colorful counterparts, it still offers plenty of health benefits.

Many white vegetables, such as onions, cauliflower and potatoes, are high in vitamin C and fiber. Grilled or sautéed, mushrooms are a good source of B vitamins and selenium, while chopped jicama or pears provide both fiber and vitamin C. Bananas, long favored by athletes, also offer fiber and vitamin C, as well as being rich in potassium.

The bottom line: eat a spectrum of colorful fruits and vegetables, especially those that are dark green or orange, but include a variety of white produce to reap all the health benefits you can.

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Jennie McCary, MS, RD, LD

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November 2009

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