May 07, 2007

When you get sick with a cold or the flu, is the weight you lose fat or just water?

A San Diego LPCer e-mailed me that question last week after she lost seven pounds in just a few days from being under the weather. Find the answer--as well as information about the sodium in some popular frozen dinners, stand-up desks for the office and electronic tools to track your calories and activity--in today's Lean Plate Club column.

Favorite Tracking Tools

How do you tally your calories and physical activity? Do you use a program on your computer or handheld organizer? We'd love to hear all about it in today's Lean Plate Club Web chat from 1 to 2 p.m. You know the deal: Join live or leave your comments, tips and more ahead of time. And of course, you can always e-mail me at any time.

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A Leaner Pastor

A Baptist minister, who has recently shed 70 pounds, is now encouraging members of his flock to use prayer to help reach a healthier weight. Does adding a spiritual element to weight loss help you? Tell us your thoughts in today's Lean Plate Club Web chat. Join live from 1 to 2 p.m. or leave your comments ahead of time.

'Mystery Fat' in School Lunches

One Pennsylvania school is trying to help reduce the fat in salad dressing. And guess what? The kids seem to like this new ingredient, which is actually a fat substitute, called Z Trim that was developed by the US Department of Agriculture. Have you tried it? Tell us what you think in today's chat.


Yes, it's that time again: Cold and flu season. In today's Health section, learn about colds, the myths about how colds are spread and what happens when you sneeze and cough. Of course, there are plenty of online resources to consult as well.

Do you feed a cold? What's your favorite comfort food or drink for soothing the sniffles? Share your remedies in today's Lean Plate Club Web chat today from 1 to 2 p.m., or leave your tips ahead of time.

Joy of Motion

IDEA Health and Fitness Association has 10 tips for better balance as well as posture pointers--something that those of us desk jockeys can really use.
Yoga Journal offers help in bouncing back from crises that we all face from time to time.

The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports has just launched a new challenge for federal employees. But even if you don't work for the government, you can set up your own challenge--or participate in other President's Challenge activities--online.

You're never too young or too old to be more active. Log It! is a site that encourages kids to log more steps. More than 90,000 miles have already been logged in 2007. And at the other end of the age spectrum, AARP offers lots of physical activity information, from Get Fit on Route 66 to choosing exercise videos and DVDs.

What's For Dinner Tonight?

Indian food is one option. And no, you don't have to spend hours and hours making it. Smart shortcuts and a few convenience foods now make it possible to get Indian cuisine on the table a lot faster. Among some options: Roasted Eggplant, Easy Chicken Tikka and Pan-Fried Cheese With Potatoes and Cauliflower in Vinegar Sauce. These recipes are reasonable in calories, but are a little higher in fat--most of it from healthy varieties.

If seafood's more your thing, Cooking Light magazine has Potato Cod Cakes with Dijon Tartar Sauce. Also Grilled Tuna Sandwiches and Broiled Tilapia With Thai Coconut-Curry Sauce.

Salmon Cakes With Lentils and Roasted Peppers come from Every Day with Rachel Ray.

In a big hurry? When you have a few frozen dinners on hand, they can sometimes save you from getting into nutritional mischief.

Our Food section recently test tasted dozens of frozen dinners, including Kashi, which features whole grains--and I must say that I liked it very much. (None of us have any connections with the company.) Other tested: Amy's, Ethnic Gourmet and Lean Cuisine's Spa Line.

Got a favorite frozen dinner, recipe or healthy food find? We'd love to hear all about it. Send us your recommendations during today's Web chat, or of course you can leave them ahead of time.

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