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Go With the "Flow"

Sep 30, 2008


When was the last time you remember getting so absorbed in an activity that you lost track of time, forgot to eat or were so intensely focused that every other distraction around you melted away? You may recall that everything about the activity was effortless—even magical. If you’re more athletic at heart, perhaps you can relate to this feeling as “being in the zone.” When you’re there, it doesn’t matter who your opponent is—every shot you make on the tennis court is poetry; or you can seemingly will the basketball to swoosh cleanly through the net on every throw. This month’s Inner IDEA column will help you discover more about the characteristics of what researchers call “flow,” and provide insight on how you can help your wellness clients experience more of it in their lives.

This article also has ramifications for your career and your business. Good managers know that getting the right person in the right seat on the bus can make an overwhelming difference in morale and productivity. Are you in the right seat on your bus? Author Margaret Moore, MBA, founder and chief executive officer of Wellcoaches® Corp. and co-founder of the McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School Coaching and Positive Psychology Initiative, writes that most of us get the majority of our flow opportunities in our work, but often we don’t fully enjoy them because we are anxious about our to-do list or distracted by external pressures. What can we do to tap into these flow opportunities more often? Moore distills it to its simplest form: “More flow means a better life and more happiness. What we focus on gets done. So focus on flow.” We found it a fascinating read and hope you enjoy it, along with the rest of the quality editorial line-up in this issue.

As long as we’re on the topic of flow, we’d like to catch you up on how deeply in the zone the entire IDEA team has been in recent months.

  • As we announced in September, 2.0 is up and running. The site is dynamic and content rich. Most exciting to us is that we know it’s just the beginning of our plans for what will be the most powerful resource we’ve ever created for our members and for the industry at large. Excellent feedback continues to come in, so please let us know your thoughts by using the feedback links on the site.

  • We just wrapped up the 3rd annual Inner IDEA® Conference at La Quinta Resort & Club in Palm Springs. Once again, this was a wonderful, rejuvenating gathering of professionals from around the world who live and breathe the vision to proliferate a holistic, mind-body-focused wellness lifestyle for all. Look for the report on the conference in the latest issue of our free monthly e-newsletter Inner IDEA Body-Mind-Spirit Review at; and check out our editors’ blogs, photos and videos of the conference at

  • We are well into planning our first two conferences of 2009: IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ (February 19–22) in Alexandria, Virginia, and IDEA Fitness Fusion™ (April 23–26 ) in Rosemont, Illinois. Save the dates for both, and expect more information to be arriving soon!

Here’s to you achieving flow in your work and life during these autumn months. Keep us posted on the great work you’re doing!

In good health,

Kathie and Peter Davis

Fitness Journal, Volume 5, Issue 10

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