Giving Sound Feedback

  • When providing feedback on an employee’s behavior, describe the behavior and include the impact it has on you and/or the department. State honestly how the behavior makes you feel: “I feel angry when you arrive late to our meetings.”
  • Focus on specific examples as they relate to the action.” “When you are late it causes a delay in the meeting and we don’t end on time.”
  • Don’t imply that you know why the receiver is behaving that way: “You’re trying to make me angry.”
  • Try to prepare what you will say in advance.
  • Remember, the more timely the feedback, the better. However, if the issue is large or emotions are running high, arrange to discuss and resolve the problem when you are calm.

Source: Lifetime Leadership: Leaving Your Legacy by Jane S. Flaherty & Peter B. Stark (2001), San Diego: Bentley Press idea fitness manager

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