Ginseng & Performance

A recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research [2005; 19 (1), 108–14] suggests that supplementation with ginseng can enhance athletic performance during endurance-type exercise. Study participants were given either a daily dose of 1,350 milligrams (mg) of panax notoginseng for 30 days or a placebo. The supplement group improved their endurance time by more than 7 minutes compared to the control group and also had lower maximal mean blood pressure and VO2.

According to a National Strength and Conditioning Association press release announcing the study results, the dose used in the trial “may be given to enhance aerobic capacity and endurance during exhaustive endurance cycle exercise. However, its long-term effectiveness in lowering mean blood pressure and systolic blood pressure should be further investigated.”

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September 2005

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