Get Motivated, Client Handout

Jul 01, 2003

andout Get Motivated! Have you set exercise goals but then given up before reaching them? Do you often set goals in your life that you ultimately don't achieve? Why is it so challenging to stay motivated? Well, people are complex and often contradictory in their actions. You may say you want to exercise regularly, yet behave in ways that directly or subtly sabotage your efforts. Use these tips from Kate Larsen, professional certified coach, IDEA Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer and faculty instructor for, to develop your motivational muscle: about why you want the outcome you do. Ask yourself, "What will I gain from achieving my goal? Will I be healthier, happier or more connected to people?" Without clarity, obstacles will loom larger than your desire. With clarity, you can discover whether your motivation is negative or positive. If it's negative, find a positive motivator to help you pursue your goal. Be Clear About What You Want--and Why Think about what will make you feel healthy and whole. Ask yourself, "If I were committed to my exercise program during the next 6 months, what outcome would I most desire?" Be even clearer M OT I VAT I O N A L RESOURCES The following resources can inspire you and help you increase positive self-talk:

IDEA Health Fitness Source , Volume 2004, Issue 7

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