From Certification to Exergaming

Feb 02, 2009


As evidenced by the many e-mails, letters and comments we’ve received from you regarding recent news stories that we’ve published on the regulation of personal training certification and the measures some state governments are taking to implement licensure, we know how important these topics are to you. This month we continue the conversation with another piece in our Making News section and a full-length feature that will bring you up to date on the current state of certification, licensure and accreditation.

Where do you stand on these topics? Do you know whether your certifying agency is accredited by a recognized source? How important is that? You will find guidance on these questions and many others in this, IDEA’s most current and in-depth research on the subject to date.

We invite you to join the discussion by reading the comment stream and sharing your opinion on To access the article and participate in the conversation, please go to Better yet, if you live in a state that could be impacted by one of the regulation measures, get in touch with your government representative and be vocal about how this could affect your livelihood. Your voice truly counts.

If history is any indicator, the New Year boom of clients is probably trickling back to normal about now. More than ever, you need to keep things fresh and appealing if both newbies and old faithfuls are to stay fully engaged and inspired. This issue contains a few articles that stand out to us as novel approaches to training and teaching clients.

  • First, have a look at “Get Up to Speed With Group” by Amanda Vogel, MA. Many trainers face the challenge of meeting the escalating demand for boot camps and group training, but lack the necessary skill sets to ensure smooth sailing. This article discusses common difficulties that trainers encounter when shifting from one-on-one sessions to group programs and then offers strategies for overcoming the challenges.

  • Also, check out the sample workout and excellent how-to visuals in the Inner IDEA column “Pilates Workout: The Magic Circle.” STOTT PILATES® master instructor trainer PJ O’Clair walks you through a full-body session consisting of 15 exercises using this great equipment. What a wonderful way to inject some variety into workouts!

  • Next, turn to “Game On!” by Biray Alsac, MS, in the Ex Rx column for some very timely programming tips you can use with clients who may have received “exergaming” programs (video-exercise combination games) as holiday gifts. While exergames appeal to both video gamers and those looking for alternatives to traditional exercise, they also target unfit, sedentary and often “hard-to-reach” individuals. Learn how you can design effective exergaming programs and successfully coach your next game-savvy client.

More great ideas and opportunities await you at IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference™ next month in Chicago (April 23–26). Be sure to check out the event overview in this issue for highlights, or visit the Events landing page on the IDEA website to see the program and get registered. Advance registration pricing ends on March 27, so don’t hesitate to invest in your career (and save) today!

In good health,
Kathie and Peter Davis

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