Fitness Professionals Accept Challenge to Give Back

by Ryan Halvorson on May 27, 2009

Making News

In more philanthropic news, Philadelphia-area personal trainer Matt Sgro has challenged fellow fitness professionals nationwide to donate their time to raise money for charity. The goal of Sgro’s program, called Boot Camps With a Purpose, is to raise $1 million nationwide; proceeds are to be donated to each participating boot camp instructor’s charity of choice.

IDEA member Diane Catrambone of Coatesville, Pennsylvania, is one professional joining Sgro on his mission. She plans to host a boot camp in her own backyard to raise funds for the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County. “In these times of internal and external struggle, I believe it is important to reach out beyond your comfort level to touch someone who is in true need,” says Catrambone. “That’s why I’m donating my time and energy to this project. Those of us in the fitness industry know how incredibly important it is to stay strong and healthy through difficult times.” To learn more about Boot Camps With a Purpose, visit


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