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Fitness Find or Fitness Flop? You Decide!

May 20, 2010

Adult Playground
Who says that playgrounds are only for kids? In an effort to improve activity levels in older adults, a “playground” geared to adults 60 and older opened on May 19 in London’s Hyde Park. The “Hyde Park Senior Playground” has six pieces of outdoor exercise equipment, including a stationary bicycle, a cross-trainer and a sit-up bench. A similar park, equipped with pull-up, push-up and pedaling stations, was built in Manchester, England, 2 years ago. That park cost about $22,600 (£15,000) and was built by a local residents’ association. “When we tested [the park], all the people we took in were over 70, and I have never heard so much laughing,” said Joan Fitzgerald, the association’s chairwoman. “I believe you are never too old to play, and this also helps keep you fit.”

The Hawaii Chair
Hula-Hoop enthusiasts take heart--it is now possible to get the same gyrational movements while sitting at your desk. The Hawaii Chair of infomercial fame promises users an opportunity to get fit while you work. According to the manufacturer’s website, the Hawaii Chair “combines the ancient art of the Hula of the Hawaiians with an easy-to-use, fun exercise machine.” Users’ hips gyrate as the seat rotates clockwise and counterclockwise at the desired speed. The website states, “The Hawaii Chair’s exercises strongly affect your waist, buttocks and thighs to thaw and loosen redundant fat. After using the Hawaii Chair, you will have a narrow and well-defined waist.”

The chair offers nine speeds and “is designed to do all the work for you, without strenuous exercising, for anyone who wants to achieve a good waistline and maintain a fit body.” Do the Hawaii Chair’s claims add up? You be the judge. To view the chair in action, visit Send your comments to

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