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Fitness industry revenue may be up (see “Fitness Industry Booms”), but that shouldn’t stop facility owners and managers from finding creative ways to draw new business and keep current members inspired. Here are some unique ideas for driving traffic, courtesy of

  • Whole-life training. In addition to personal training staff, progressive fitness facilities provide on-site nutritionists and other allied healthcare professionals like physical therapists and even psychologists. By complementing core offerings with these value-added services, clubs are addressing a broad range of areas that impact members’ overall well-being, health and happiness.

  • Weight loss wagering. Diet contests and weight loss betting programs are becoming popular among individuals and employee groups. More than 4,500 fitness facilities worldwide serve as weigh-in locations for contest participants—many of whom purchase memberships as they attempt to lose weight and win the $10,000 team prize.

  • Club crawl. In an effort to integrate new members as fully as possible, some businesses give them a card with goals to complete for a prize. Goals include trying fitness classes, completing a personal training session, meeting certain staff members and using specific areas of the facility.

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September 2012

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