Find Your Inspiration at the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention™

by Mary Monroe on May 01, 2013

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Revitalize your passion to inspire your world at this world-class fitness event.

If you’re ready to break into exciting new territory in your career—and your life—don’t miss the fitness industry’s most exhilarating and motivating educational experience. The theme of the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention™ in Los Angeles is “BE: The Inspiration,” and the high-energy event (August 7–11) will bring together the world’s most transformational people, stories and educational opportunities in fitness and wellness. Professionals from around the globe attend the IDEA World Fitness Convention to choose from the largest selection of educational opportunities available in the industry.

“We all want to know how we can move closer to achieving our goals and purpose in life, and this year’s convention focuses on finding the inspiration we need to take the next steps that will get us there,” says Aprile Peishel, MA, IDEA director of event programming. “Those steps are different for every fitness and wellness professional—but we have such programming variety at IDEA World Fitness that you can find what you need, no matter what path of health or wellness you’re on.”

366 Ways to Inspire Yourself (Plus 24 CECs!)

The IDEA World Fitness Convention is the industry’s largest and longest-running fitness event, and this year it features more than 360 sessions on the latest topics from the world’s most inspiring fitness and wellness presenters. You’ll get the best education in the industry, with the most up-to-date information in personal training, nutrition, business, group exercise and personal growth.

The enormous selection of topics gives you the opportunity to customize your learning experience to your current passions, while inviting you to explore plenty of new areas that spark your interest. You’ll learn to advance your profession to the next level and turn the world’s best education for fitness professionals into new career and business opportunities when you go back home.

The convention will take you far beyond traditional education as you immerse yourself in an impassioned community of like-minded professionals and enjoy intensive growth and inspiration together. No event in the industry can match the energy, exuberance and in-depth educational journey you’ll experience at “IDEA World.”

On the Program: Get the Inspiration Edge

When you’re fired up yourself and know how to enthuse clients and create an inspired culture around you, you gain a strong competitive edge no matter what industry you’re in.

Here are some highlights from this year’s program:

Expanded Programming for Personal Trainers

Over half of the program is dedicated to personal trainers, with 50% more personal training programming than last year. Convention sessions will address every aspect of what it means to be a successful personal trainer today: from nutrition, older-adult training and small-group training to marketing and social media use to nurturing your own growth along with that of your clients. Sessions will include the following:

  • Perform Better®: Xtreme Sport Conditioning
  • TRX®: Training for Body Transformation
  • 10 New BIG Things in Small-Group Training
  • Athlete's Performance: Barefoot Training—Benefits, Pitfalls and Programming
  • MMA Fitness Boot Camp
  • Discovering Parkour
  • Intensity Overload—Battle of the HIITs
  • Metabolic Conditioning—The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Today’s Youth . . . Tomorrow’s Athlete

Strategies for an Inspired Business

Find out how to take your fitness business to the next level with the most comprehensive business and professional development education in the industry. Among the sessions:

  • Survival Tactics for the Social Age: How to Catch Up, Keep Up and Stay One Step Ahead
  • Exercise is Medicine™: Your New Business Partner
  • Becoming a Social Media Star
  • The 12-Month Marketing Plan for Small Businesses
  • Five Big Obstacles to Team Building
  • Postrehabilitation: Bridging the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness
  • Flex Your Marketing Muscles! Build and Grow Your Personal Brand
  • Group Training Programs That Profit
  • Leadership Skills for Personal Training and Group Fitness Directors
  • Perform Better®: Blueprint for Success in the Fitness Industry
  • Corporate Fitness UNLEASHED
  • The Group Fitness Trifecta

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