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Have you ever wondered if partnering with daily deal sites is worth the investment? According to Bloomspot, one of many daily deal companies, the answer is yes.

The organization analyzed customer transaction data from about 2,000 participating businesses in core markets. Here are a few highlights:

  • Over 12 months, customer transaction data showed a 210% repeat rate among fitness business customers recruited from daily deal sites.
  • Customers spent above the price of the certificate by an average $68 in the first month. Fitness facilities saw an average overspend of $266 beyond the original certificate cost.

But with the prevalence of daily deal sites and offers, how do you convert purchasers to members? Bloomspot director Laura Lee suggests offering a variety of packages that will appeal to different consumers. For example:

  • Introductory package for customers who are “exploring.” This offer may attract customers who have never tried the type of services you offer—or customers who currently buy from your competition but are not 100% satisfied and are open to changing providers. Craft a short-term package with a low price point.
  • Full package for those who are prepared to commit longer term. Often, these customers are actively looking for a fitness package or wanting to try a new solution. In many cases, these customers are seeking a fuller experience, such as 1 month of yoga or five dancing lessons.
  • Lifestyle package for those pursuing a specific outcome and lifestyle. For instance, gyms might offer a nutrition consultation, 12 personal training sessions and/or 3 months of membership, including classes—offers that provide solutions for achieving lifestyle goals and wide-reaching objectives.

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