Exercise Your Happiness!

by Peter Davis, CEO and Kathie Davis on Aug 30, 2011


Part of our leadership role at IDEA is to be visionary about the future of the association and to assess any changes we need to make in order to collectively make a difference in the world.

With IDEA’s 30th anniversary coming up next year, we did a lot of soul-searching about this. After reading and studying volumes of information on happiness, change and wellness, we concluded that it wasn’t so much about us changing the world but, rather, about changing certain dimensions of our own lives first. So we made our wellness the number-one priority.

After taking our own challenge (in addition to tackling other goals, I lost 20 pounds and Kathie has dedicated herself to working out every day, including doing more Zumba® and other fitness classes, as well as playing tennis), we decided to invite the IDEA staff to approach their wellness from a different dimension. We created an internal campaign we named “Exercise Your Happiness,” which is focused on our staff’s health and happiness as our top priority. We believe that if our staff members are healthy and happy, they will, in turn, deliver amazing customer service and terrific products for IDEA members.

It’s been only about 8 months since we began Exercising Our Happiness, but what has transpired has been nothing short of astounding. We now have Meditation Mondays, Parking Lot Zumba, Metabolic Effect boot camps, yoga classes, staff walks, nutrition lunch-and-learn sessions and fitness challenges each week. In short, we are aiming to create the ideal wellness community at IDEA. Our staff is growing and thriving. Our teamwork is incredible. The environment at IDEA is open, nurturing and joyful. People are feeling positive, and our productivity reflects it.

Results have been so enlivening that we are inspired to write a book about IDEA’s transformation and share it with companies around the world so others can replicate the success of the IDEA model. The book will also highlight the way to find a fitness professional and/or facility by using IDEA FitnessConnect. This means that you, our most trusted community of experts, become an integral part of the Exercise Your Happiness model!

As we look further into the future, Kathie and I would like to invite each of you to help us invent what comes next in the industry. In a brief e-mail (addressed to lfraser@ideafit.com) with the subject line “Future of Fitness,” please describe your vision for a future that maximally impacts the health and fitness of our world. This can be a new idea for the industry or for IDEA in our shared quest to Inspire the World to Fitness®. We will select the top three vision statements and feature them in the January issue of IDEA Fitness Journal. Each statement’s author will receive a free registration to the IDEA World Fitness Convention™ in San Diego (July 5–9, 2012), to celebrate our 30th Anniversary.

Remember what Albert Einstein said: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

We are strong believers in “being the change,” and we truly think that those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who can do it! If it isn’t already clear, understand that among the leaders for the next 30 years is each of you!

We look forward to reading your inspired ideas!

Yours in health,
Kathie and Peter Davis

Fitness Journal, Volume 8, Issue 9

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Peter Davis, CEO

Peter Davis, CEO IDEA Author/Presenter

Peter Davis is co-founder of IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

Kathie Davis

Kathie Davis IDEA Author/Presenter

Kathie Davis is co-founder of IDEA Health & Fitness Association in San Diego.