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A new service will allow personal trainers to customize workout programs for clients, recommend how-to videos for specific exercises and track their clients’ progress over time via a handheld device and the Internet.

How? You can tap into a service by Companion Worlds Inc. and FitnessInsite, a subsidiary of Fitness Venture Group. The service will offer hundreds of fitness videos and customized workout programs on a new portable device. The product launch for the ProXMnetwork and Progio handheld device is scheduled for late summer 2004, according to Companion Worlds. FitnessInsite’s library—which includes exercise video clips, personalized workout programs, nutrition and personalized meal planning for over 200 Internet portals—will be available on the device. For more information see www.fitnessinsite.com or www.companion worlds.com.

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April Durrett

IDEA Author/Presenter
April Durrett is a contributing editor for IDEA Fitness Journal.
May 2004

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