Ending on a High Note

Ebb: Move away from instruction and toward inspiration with this silent cool-down.

A cool-down that taps into the power of emotions makes a great ending for your class. Last impressions are lasting impressions. Whether your session was a huge success or didn’t go quite the way you had planned, a cool-down that connects movement to music will have participants leaving on a high note.

The following yoga-inspired movements are easy to do and can be taught with or without verbal cuing. After 50 minutes or so of nonstop talking and instruction, silence can be the perfect way to finish. A song with beautiful lyrics that your students can relate to emotionally will help them get out of their heads and into their hearts. Use these last few moments to reinforce how well they’ve done and how proud you are of their commitment to taking care of their health. The choreography blends with the lyrics, so listen to the song a few times to find your own interpretation; then weave the moves, music and words together to create your own magic.

The Routine Song: “Over the Rainbow,” by Linda Eder (3:00)

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February 2011

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