Diastasis Recti: When the Abs Don’t Come Together

by: Katy Bowman, MS

Why you should know the biomechanics of abdominal separation.

Things your clients may split:
  • a training session, with a friend
  • their pants, while doing a deep squat
  • their abdominal muscles Sometimes an unnatural divide can develop between the two sides of the rectus abdominis muscle bundles, a condition doctors call diastasis recti. It’s usually associated with pregnancy, but it can happen to men and children in addition to moms-to-be. If you have clients suffering from diastasis recti, chances are they are going to be interested in how the separation came about and how they can fix it.

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    IDEA Fitness Journal, Volume 10, Issue 5

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    About the Author

    Katy Bowman, MS IDEA Author/Presenter