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by: Ryan Halvorson

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With savvy customers often looking for that little bit extra when they invest in fitness, customer service skills can make or break a business.

“It is the personal, little things that make a difference,” says Nicki Anderson, owner of Healthy Innovations Inc., in Naperville, Illinois. “You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising [to draw clientele]. You simply have to care, bring value to your clients and always go a step beyond their expectations.”

Here are Anderson’s top tips for providing tip-top customer service for your clients and facility members:

  • Offer handwritten notes—so overlooked and so powerful—thanking clients/members for their loyalty.
  • Learn everyone’s name. If you don’t know someone’s name, go up to the person, introduce yourself and say you’re available if he or she needs anything.
  • Have a special little “something” that is unique to your space. For example, Anderson says that in her studio she always had a bowl of fresh fruit for her clients. Connect with a client who owns a company that you can partner with to offer special gifts for members/clients. Also, host an annual client recognition party.
  • Always offer a 24-hour follow-up after a client’s first training session. Find out how the client is feeling and ask whether he or she enjoyed the first session. If a client has a rough day and still comes in to train, follow up the next day with a call or an email that says, “You should be proud of your performance yesterday. I know you had a tough day, but you made it to your workout and gave 100%. I’m proud to work with you!”

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