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by Joy Keller on Feb 01, 2012


Help people build a wellness foundation with a strong schedule of options.

The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers in New York City offers its running enthusiasts a chance to excel with Warp Speed. This drill-oriented class includes sprinting, hurdles, relays and stretching techniques. According to the online schedule, participants will notice “improvements in running time, speed and endurance that will assist in national and regional open/master’s competitions.”

Feel-Follow-Flow™ is designed for people who are interested in learning how yoga and meditation can help lower stress levels. Offered at Yoga I.S.® studio in Louisville, Kentucky, and created by Yoga I.S. instructor Donna O’Bryan, MEd, the class also teaches participants how to integrate the mind with the body and get more from general exercise programs.

The Baltimore-based Canton Club Health & Fitness has a new interval training class called AMRAP. The challenging workout incorporates “boxing, strength training, plyometrics and a variety of functional exercises.” Participants complete as many rounds as possible within a specified amount of time.

While it sounds daunting and dangerous, Running With the Bulls is a safe and fun cardio class that involves running laps in the pool. Members at Genesis Health Club in the Wichita, Kansas, area run forward, backward and sideways through the water. The online description touts the class as being “great for those looking for a new cardio spin that is easy on the joints.”

The Jewish Community Center of Greater Rochester, New York, has FIVE listed on its schedule. According to the online write-up, the class offers a “killer workout with a simple premise: complete five reps of five different exercises” using various pieces of equipment (including body weight). Instructors present a new challenge each week.

Luscious Legs & Arm Candy is a “jam-packed, high-intensity workout designed for fat burning and cardio conditioning,” according to the online description presented by the Brandeis University athletics department in Waltham, Massachusetts. The choreography, which includes kickboxing, step and dance, alternates high- and low-impact movements and focuses on the legs, arms and abdominals.

New moms and dads can still get in a great workout at the Pro Sports Club in Bellevue, Washington. BabyRobics is a 55-minute low-impact cardio and strength workout for new parents and their baby. Babies are carried in a front pack such as BabyBjörn® or Snugli®. Pregnant members are also welcome to attend.

Hiking Yoga combines the “cardio workout of an outdoor boot camp with the power and grace of yoga.” Offered in several locations across the country, participants tour cities while taking breaks to stretch, strengthen and breathe. Creator Eric Kipp says he created the yoga and walking hybrid “to bring fresh air and a new spirit of exploration to the usual yoga practice and workout routine.”


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