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by Joy Keller on Jan 01, 2012


Offer a variety of intensity levels and time options.

The Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston has Fanatic Friday on its schedule. This “very high intensity training session” gives participants different training options each week. Choices include step, martial arts, core board, The Body Bar® and more.

40-Minute Reshape, offered by Campus Recreation at DePaul University in Chicago includes “intense intervals followed by deep stretching” and is designed to “give your body an elongated and defined appearance,” according to the online schedule.

Some of the members at Equinox in Newport Beach, California, may not know who Molly Fox is, but they do know about skinny jeans, which have made a fashion comeback recently. The Skinny Jeans Workout™ is a total-body routine that focuses on “helping you into those skinny jeans.” The class is based on moves that fitness industry veteran Molly Fox created in the 1980s, with some “new, modern moves.”

In COREtastic, Ohio State University Recreational Sports makes use of many different pieces of equipment, including Gliding™ discs and BOSU® Balance Trainers. The schedule description encourages members to stop by and try out different “toys” that work on muscular strength and endurance. All levels are welcome.

BOOYA Hip-Hop, which is on the schedule at Bounce Aerobics in Rochester, New York, is a “fun and funky hip-hop class.” The term booya is described in the online schedule as a verbal expression of victory—booya! The class is “suitable for anyone who wants to have a great time while burning serious calories.”

Carmel Total Fitness in Carmel, Indiana, has a wide selection of options for its community, among them Heart Race Cycle and Utensity. The former class packs a quick punch with “20 minutes of intense cycling combining speed, climbing and jumping.” The latter class is also intense, but is a full hour and includes “weights, boot camp exercises and cardio cycling.” Utensity also includes “education on proper diet techniques.”

The Village of Itasca, Illinois, offers group classes to the community. One offering, H.A.A.T., focuses on hips, arms, abs and thighs—another way to say “full-body.” Participants enjoy a full hour of movement using stability balls, dumbbells and Body Bars.

Everything But . . . at Club Julian in Pittsburgh is “designed for those who don’t necessarily want a choreographed routine but still want a vigorous workout.” The online schedule mysteriously touts the class as being “75 minutes that include everything but the kitchen sink.”

Rocit Circuit is a “strength training circuit with a twist” offered by The Training Club in San Diego. Participants use strength training equipment in a timed circuit fashion, led by an instructor. The goal is a full-body strength training workout that “challenges your ability to push yourself a bit harder every round.”

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