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by Ryan Halvorson on Oct 01, 2008

Making News

As the potential of the digital world expands, many fitness professionals look to e-mail communications to keep in contact with current—and potential—customers. But creating effective, successful e-newsletters requires more than a few good ideas. “No matter how well the content is written or how aesthetically pleasing the design, if the newsletter doesn’t get read, it’s all irrelevant,” says Biray Alsac, IDEA presenter and author, and owner of FITTmaxx Institute in Chandler, Arizona. Following are Alsac’s tips and techniques for developing quality newsletters:

Make It Optional. Do not assume your clients and members want an e-newsletter. Create an opportunity where they can choose to subscribe.

Cut the Spam. Refrain from e-mailing excessive numbers of updates and promotions to your subscription base. Too much e-mailing can increase your chances of being filed in the spam folder.

Be Brief. For length, let one to two scrolls be your max; no one wants to scroll down several pages of information. Highlight topics, and then create links to the full articles on your website. People then have the option to read without being inundated with unwanted information.

Cross-Pollinate. Inform friends and colleagues from online venues about your newsletter. Create a link to your newsletter from Facebook, for example.

Avoid Technological Barriers. Provide the option to view your newsletter in HTML or plain text. Newsletters that require plug-ins or downloads can deter subscribers.

Use Common Fonts. Stick to Arial or New Times Roman fonts, size 10 or 12; digitally, these tend to be easier on the eyes.

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