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Chakra Nutrition

by: Teri Mosey

A holistic approach to nourishment includes much more than counting calories and grams or assessing chemical composition.

If you view food as medicine and a way of life, nutrition takes on a different meaning and purpose. Nourishing the physical being is only one aspect of the eating experience. When you expand your viewpoint, your relationship to food and eating becomes a reflection of how you live. Cravings, aversions and preferred eating environments provide messages on a deeper level. Food becomes a potential pathway for healing and self-exploration.

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IDEA Fitness Journal, Volume 11, Issue 6

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About the Author

Teri Mosey

Teri Mosey IDEA Author/Presenter

Teri Mosey is the founder of Holistic Pathways and has been working in various arenas of the health and fitness industry since 1996. Her knowledge and experience has developed over the years to includ...