California Says No to Soda in Schools

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There’s good news for trainers who are promoting kids’ fitness. Now The California Childhood Obesity Prevention Act of 2003 (California SB 677) may make your job easier.

Beginning July 1, 2004, only healthy beverages—such as water, milk, 100 percent fruit juices or fruit-based drinks with no less than 50 percent fruit juice and no added sweeteners—may be sold in elementary schools. In middle and junior high schools, unhealthy beverages are banned from a half hour before school to a half hour after school. For these grade levels, electrolyte replacement beverages with no more than 42 grams of added sweetener per 20-ounce serving have been added to the list of beverages considered healthy.

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April Durrett

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April Durrett is a contributing editor for IDEA Fitness Journal.
November 2003

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