Buyer Be Wary

by Carrie Myers Smith and Amanda Vogel, MA on Jul 01, 2005

By Carrie Myers Smith and Amanda Vogel, MA buyer How to evaluate fitness equipment be before you sign on the dotted line. I wary waited with anticipation for the newest, self-proclaimed, next-best-thing-in-fitness fandangle to arrive on my doorstep. Being a health and fitness writer, I often get to try out the latest fitness products, from videos to balls to gizmos and gadgets. When this current product arrived, I eagerly snapped it together (hmmm . . . the directions are a bit sparse . . . not sure which adjustment setting is the best fit for me). Then I popped in the accompanying workout DVD and followed along (so far, I'm not sure what all the hype is about). After trying several intensity levels and not really feeling much of anything (except in my upper body, when I was supposed to be working my abs), I decided to wait and see if I felt any muscle soreness over the next day or two. Nothing. Not wanting to be hasty in making a judgment about a new product (especially one that had gotten so much glowing press), I mailed the package to my friend and coauthor of this article, Amanda. She was equally unimpressed. July

IDEA Fitness Journal , Volume 2, Issue 7

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Carrie Myers Smith IDEA Author/Presenter

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Amanda Vogel, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

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