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Break Your Routine & Grow

by Peter Davis, CEO and Kathie Davis on May 08, 2013


Getting out of your day-to-day routine can be an elixir in so many ways. Doing so opens your world to meeting new people, experiencing unique situations and expanding your mind to discover untapped possibilities. It will keep you fresh and feed your creativity. When is the last time you visited another facility, attended an educational session that challenged you or tried a new class that you’d normally ignore? Try something new this week and see what happens.

We recently did exactly that by spending a week at IHRSA 2013 (March 19–22) in Las Vegas, and we wanted to share a few takeaways from keynotes we enjoyed.

Your personal network influences you more than you probably know. Author and Harvard professor Nicholas Christakis, MD, PhD, MPH, presented a fascinating look at the power of our social networks and how they shape our lives. He described a “social domino” or “induction effect” that is so influential it can shape the way you think and behave; it can cause you to gain weight; it can help you to lose weight; or it can make you smoke, exercise or be a couch potato. We look to those closest to us for cues of what is acceptable behavior (ordering extra cheese on those nachos or skipping them and, instead, opting for a salad) and we emulate it.

Most compelling in Christakis’s presentation was research that clearly showed our most potent social networks are the face-to-face ones—not the ones on Twitter™, Facebook and the like. These are such important points to consider for our industry! In a world of growing social isolation perpetuated by oversaturation of screen time and emails, we need to find more ways to connect people to people so they can inspire each other! If you’re trying to build your community on social media, it might be time to retool your focus to instead build person-to-person networks with no wires or chips involved.

Get back to psychology 101 to understand and serve your staff and your clients. Chip Conley, author and founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels, revisited college freshman–level psychology with a creative twist by describing how great companies get their mojo from psychologist Abraham Maslow.

Do you know if your company is self-actualized? Do you know if your customer relationships are? Conley condensed Maslow’s hierarchy of needs into three main pyramid platforms for your company: transformation = self-actualization; success = social/belonging; and survival = your company’s survival. Interestingly, your customer relationship truth parallels these three pillars, but the action unfolds in reverse: you meet clients’ unrecognized needs = transformation; you meet clients’ desires = success; and you meet clients’ expectations = your company’s survival. In short, your business will not survive unless you are meeting or anticipating the needs of your staff/company culture and those of your customers. Nurture and grow your culture and you will see your customers grow. Conley summarized it best when he said, “Life and business are all about where you pay your attention.” What are you paying attention to in terms of your company culture and your customers?

Life is good! Bert Jacobs, co-founder of Life is good® has made a fortune selling his brand of positive thinking on T-shirts (and almost anything else he can put his affirmations on). He and his brother went from living in and selling T-shirts out of a van for 5 years to making over $100 million per year in business today.

True to the messaging on his product line, Jacobs feels that optimism is the most powerful tool for success in life. “Focus on what’s right in your life, and it will grow,” he shared. “Bring the things you love to work.”

Jacobs also feels that if you don’t have a cause associated with your brand, you need to find one and build it with your community.  What are you building through your company and customers?

Introducing FitFeed™

We recently launched FitFeed™, a new tool whereby visitors can find the top 30 trending headlines in health and fitness from 250,000 fitness professionals.

FitFeed collates the most popular content being shared by our huge community via Twitter, Facebook and IDEA Client Share. The results are displayed by popularity in real time, and will include any item from the Internet that enough fitness professionals are sharing through their social networks. Users can also view trending hashtags on Twitter, comment back and forth on FitFeed content, and share FitFeed content via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and IDEA Client Share.

FitFeed is unique because it’s the first and only place where you can see in real time what experts in fitness are sharing with their colleagues and clients. We think fitness professionals and enthusiasts will benefit tremendously—not just from the wisdom of crowds but from the wisdom of a crowd of experts!

FitFeed is a free resource and can be found by visiting

Yours in good health,

Kathie & Peter Davis

Fitness Journal, Volume 10, Issue 5

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Peter Davis, CEO IDEA Author/Presenter

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