Boot Camp, Nutrition, Core: Trainers Find Purpose

by Joy Keller on Mar 29, 2012

How good does it feel when your clients start seeing results? An educated personal trainer who knows how to put together the perfect program is a metabolic magician. When clients see and feel they are manifesting their goals, the impact of your program design is apparent. The best personal trainers work at their craft, constantly learn new concepts and upgrade their expertise. This pays off with powerful, purposeful, client-focused sessions that make a lasting impression.

What’s it going to take to excel over the next decade? Approximately 800 attendees at the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™ conference, which took place February 16–19 in Alexandria, Virginia, made a plyometric leap toward a better understanding of cutting-edge principles. This sold-out event showcased the most current, hyperfocused training skills, methods and techniques taught by the world’s leading presenters. Below are some highlights from this year’s career-boosting event:

  • Performance. Everyone is an athlete! Life is a sport, and clients need to be trained for action in all planes of motion. Sessions delivered—addressing topics in several key areas, including rotational training, vertical core training, metabolic conditioning and the inside scoop on high-intensity resistance and cardiovascular programming.
  • Business boot camp. It takes more than sound program design to keep your personal training career humming. Mastery of business principles is essential. Attendees learned how to spot trends and create specific goals for measurable success. They also learned how to implement best practices, communicate clearly, drive revenue and strategically use social media.
  • Focus on nutrition. Attendees enjoyed an expanded nutrition track this year—and the sessions were packed! Nutrition coaching is a crucial part of program design and personal trainers need to know how to encourage compliance and make powerful suggestions within scope of practice.
  • Injury prevention for everyone. Now more than ever, clients—and fitness professionals themselves—are seeking help with pain management. Presenters shared impactful ways to successfully address unique needs with techniques such as fascia hydration, myofascial release and corrective exercise.

As clients progress, so too should personal trainers! Expanding knowledge is what the IDEA Personal Training Institute is all about. Complacency and one-size-fits-all fitness mentalities have no place in a world where the landscape for transformation is so vibrant and rich.

To learn more about the 2012 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute, read senior editor Joy Keller’s blog. If you missed the 2012 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute, you can still benefit from the first-rate education offered at this event. DVDs for 20 sessions that were filmed at this event are now available. What’s more, many are also available as CEC/CEU courses. For more information, visit

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