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Best Social Media for Your Business

by Ashley Ray on Mar 27, 2014

Social media is a great tool for spreading the word about your services and increasing your clientele list. But with so many social media platforms out there, it’s difficult to know which ones to join, what information to post on them, and how much time to spend using them.

Many business owners and trainers in the fitness industry have used the following social media channels successfully to increase their online exposure and business.


With close to one billion users, Facebook has the largest user base of all social media platforms. Facebook also has the widest demographic range. It’s popular with business owners in most business-to-consumer industries.

Best Practices

  • Focus on engagement. Just because you post an update, it doesn’t mean that all of your fans will see it. The more engagement you ask for (likes, comments and shares), the more likely you are to show up in news feeds.
  • Remember that Facebook ranks content to determine whether it is engaging enough to show to your fans. Videos and pictures are considered the best type of content, followed by links and then plain text.
  • Don’t post too frequently. About 7–10 times per week should be enough.
  • Monitor your page regularly, and respond to comments. Don’t overdo it by posting too frequently.
  • Avoid overt marketing messages.
  • Show off your facility and staff/trainers with photos and/or videos.



Facebook has lots of active users.

Generating good content can be time-consuming.

There are many useful features, like event management, special tabs and the ability to schedule posts.

Facebook’s content ranking system (EdgeRank) can make it hard to reach users.

Facebook Insights offers analytics that help you improve your posts.

There is no customer service.

Facebook ads are very affordable, and they’re a great way to build followers.

Negative posts cannot be addressed and/or removed easily.

There is a robust Help section, as well as a Business Center with best practices and advice.



More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month (YouTube 2013). This video-sharing platform is very popular in the fitness world, and it can be a great tool for building your business.

Best Practices

  • Upload high-quality videos. (Low-quality videos could discredit your professionalism.)
  • Take advantage of the featured videos option.
  • Add descriptions and tags to all of your videos.
  • Cross-post your videos to other social media platforms.
  • Monitor and respond to comments.
  • Embed videos on your website and/or blog.



YouTube analytics are great for tracking performance.

You may need video-editing software in order to enhance videos before posting them.

If your channel becomes popular, you can sell advertising.

Videos need to be high-quality to attract users to your channel.

Videos are easy to upload.

Making a good video can be very time-consuming.

YouTube is great for search engine optimization.

YouTube can feature competitors’ advertisements around your videos.


There is no customer service.


Foursquare is a great platform for fitness facilities. Users “check in” to identify where they are, and these check-ins are broadcast to their friends—giving your business more exposure. Businesses can create “Check-in Specials” to encourage members to visit and check in more frequently.

Best Practices

  • Create check-in specials to encourage frequent check-ins (e.g., a free T-shirt on a user’s 10th check-in).
  • Use Foursquare analytics to see who is checking in and when.
  • Add your events to the event calendar, and post updates as you would on Facebook.
  • Reward “mayors”—users with frequent check-ins—to create competition around being the mayor of your establishment.

For more info on Foursquare, Twitter and other social media, please see “The Best Social Media Platforms for Business Owners” in the online IDEA Library (see the February 2014 issue of IDEA Trainer Success). If you cannot access the full article and would like to, please contact the IDEA Inspired Service Team at (800) 999-4332, ext. 7.

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