BE: The Inspiration at the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention™, in Los Angeles, August 7-11

by Mary Monroe on Apr 01, 2013

Discover where inspiration can take you.

When you’re in the business of changing lives, nothing gets the job done like inspiration. But what does it take to inspire change in yourself and in your clients? You’ll find the answer at the 2013 IDEA World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles, August 7–11. The event theme, “BE: The Inspiration,” will focus on how to transform your life and your work into a powerful source of motivation strong enough to change lives—including your own.

To kick off the convention in a big way, keynote speaker Bo Eason, former NFL star and one of the most successful authors and speakers in the world, will share what it takes to become a force for inspiration by making the most of your personal story.

Eason’s acclaimed Broadway play, Runt of the Litter, written and performed by Eason himself, is based on the story of his life as a former all-pro safety for the Houston Oilers. The riveting drama describes Eason’s mixed emotions before an athletic showdown with his brother, former New England Patriots quarterback Tony Eason. After seeing the powerful play, Leonardo DiCaprio hired Eason to write a screenplay, and Eason has since become a Presence/Story Coach to some of the most successful people in the world.

“In this age, if you can’t share your perspective—your story—you’re going out of business,” says Eason. “But if you master expressing your personal story, people have to come to you. It’s something no one else has.” In Eason’s keynote, he’ll explain how to value your personal story and use it to increase the potential and profitability of your career or business. “You need to become a warrior for your story,” he says. “You want to fall in love with it, physicalize it, and give it away every day.”

Throughout the convention, you’ll find practical, career-expanding education from the world’s top experts in a vibrant, uplifting environment that will recharge your enthusiasm for the power you have to change the world.

366 Ways to Inspire Yourself (Plus 24 CECs!)

The IDEA World Fitness Convention is the industry’s largest and longest-running fitness event, and this year it features more than 360 sessions on the latest topics from the world’s leading fitness and wellness presenters.

The enormous selection of topics gives you the opportunity to customize your learning experience to your current passions, while inviting you to explore plenty of new areas that spark your interest. You’ll learn how to advance your profession and turn the world’s best education for fitness professionals into new career and business opportunities when you go back home.

The convention experience will take you far beyond traditional education as you immerse yourself in an impassioned community of like-minded professionals and enjoy 4 days of intensive growth and inspiration together. No event in the industry can match the energy, exuberance and in-depth educational journey you’ll experience at “IDEA World.”

On the Program: Get the Inspiration Edge

You’ll find out where inspiration can lead you as a fitness professional when you choose from more than 360 inspiring sessions presented by the most knowledgeable and motivating leaders in the industry.

This year’s program includes a huge variety of topics:

Expanded Programming for Personal Trainers Over half of the program is dedicated to personal trainers, with 50% more personal training programming than last year. Convention sessions will address every aspect of what it means to be a successful personal trainer today: from nutrition, older-adult training and small-group training to marketing and social media use to nurturing your own personal growth along with the growth of your clients. Sessions include the following:

  • Perform Better®: Xtreme Sport Conditioning
  • TRX®: Training for Body Transformation
  • 10 New BIG Things in Small-Group Training
  • Balancing Hormones for Optimal Weight Loss
  • Athlete’s Performance: Barefoot Training—Benefits, Pitfalls and Programming
  • MMA Fitness Boot Camp
  • Discovering Parkour
  • Intensity Overload—Battle of the HIITs
  • Metabolic Conditioning—the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Today’s Youth . . . Tomorrow’s Athlete

Strategies for an Inspired Business

Whether you own a fitness facility or a personal fitness business, find out how to get ahead of the competition with the most comprehensive business and professional development education in the industry. Among the sessions:

  • Survival Tactics for the Social Age: How to Catch Up, Keep Up and Stay One Step Ahead
  • Exercise is Medicine™: Your New Business Partner
  • Becoming a Social Media Star
  • Customer Service Success—Making Members Feel Special
  • The 12-Month Marketing Plan for Small Businesses
  • Five Big Obstacles to Team Building
  • Postrehabilitation: Bridging the Gap Between Health Care and Fitness
  • Flex Your Marketing Muscles! Build and Grow Your Personal Brand
  • Group Training Programs That Profit
  • Leadership Skills for Personal Training and Group Fitness Directors
  • Perform Better®: Blueprint for Success in the Fitness Industry
  • Corporate Fitness UNLEASHED
  • The Group Fitness Trifecta

The Best of Inner IDEA
Now you can experience the best of Inner IDEA, the world’s premier educational event for integrative wellness and mind-body-spirit transformation, at the IDEA World Fitness Convention. The 17 sessions will include these choices:

  • Holistic Fusion: Movement as Meditation
  • The Three Rs of Pilates: Read, Realign and Restore Healthy Movement
  • Healthy Aging Survival Kit
  • Meditation for Physical Mastery
  • Chakra Nutrition
  • Integrated Energy Medicine
  • Journey to the Beginner’s Mind (Yoga)
  • Creating Your Career Map as a Mind-Body Professional
  • Tai Chi: The Oldest Wellness Coaching Model
  • Sight and Insight: Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement
  • Showcase Sanctuary: A Final IDEA World Experience
  • Breathe Life Into Your Poses

Special Focus: Food, Nutrition and Healthy Eating
How well you and your clients perform on a daily basis depends on the quality of your nutritional fuel. This year, IDEA has dramatically expanded its food and nutrition programming to give you comprehensive information and practical resources that will keep you on the cutting edge of nutritional health. Here are some of the sessions:

  • Chakra Nutrition
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Energy Defined: What Is It and How Much Do You Need?
  • Food as Fuel!
  • Tackling Whole Grains and Leafy Greens
  • Sticking to a Healthy Nondiet! 
  • Perfecting Performance Fueling—Pre- and Post-Workout
  • Nutrition and Exercise for Longevity
  • Use the Glycemic Index to Fine-Tune Your Diet
  • Protein Power
  • Changing Body Composition—It’s Not All About Calories!
  • Eating and the Stress Connection
  • The Bacon, Sprouted Quinoa and Kale Cupcake—Food Trends Panel
  • NASM®: Fast Fat Loss Strategies
  • Balancing Hormones for Optimal Weight Loss
  • The Physiology of Fat Loss
  • Metabolic Conditioning—the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
  • ACE®: New Developments and Perspectives on Obesity— Looking at the “Big Picture” and Winning the Battle

How to Train Older Adults
IDEA World will offer a wide variety of sessions designed exclusively with older men and women in mind. Get the specialized knowledge you need to inspire healthier living for Baby Boomers and older adults. Among the sessions:

  • Gray Matters—Training for Brain and Body Fitness
  • Designing Effective Balance and Mobility Programs—A Multidimensional Approach
  • Out With the Old and In With the Older!
  • CoreFitnessRoller®: Creating Power-Balance Solutions for Older Adults
  • Healthy Aging Survival Kit
  • The Ultimate Anti-Aging Workout
  • YogaFit® for Seniors
  • TRX®: Training for Active Seniors
  • Redefining “The Change” With Mind-Body Fitness
Get In-Depth Training at Preconference Courses, Wednesday, August 7

Start your convention experience with specialized training that will expand your career opportunities as soon as you get back home. This year you can choose from 12 all-day preconference courses taught by top names in the industry:

Leadership Skills for Personal Training and Group Fitness Directors with Sherri McMillan, MSc Focus on important leadership skills so you can empower your team members and inspire them to work together toward a common vision. Clarify your role as a leader, and get practical skills to help you grow and develop your leadership potential. 

Zumba®: Basic Skills Instructor Training with Abraham Hernandez and Eliza Stone Learn the foundation and formula for teaching a successful Zumba class, including the steps to four basic rhythms: merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton. Find out how to put these steps together and how to create your first Zumba class. Get all the tools and resources you need to become a Zumba instructor! (We are offering two Zumba Basic Training preconferences—one in English and one in Spanish.)

YogaLean™ by YogaFit® with Janet Leland and Beth Shaw YogaLean is a weight management program designed to work from the inside out, taking into account every student’s unique story, size and shape, and customizing the program to fit each person’s lifestyle. YogaLean draws heavily from the yogic practices of breathing, meditation and mindfulness, as well as from YogaFit class sequences created for larger bodies.

ACE®: Group Exercise Leadership Specialty Certification with Lawrence Biscontini, MA Designed to supplement the expertise of instructors who are currently teaching prechoreographed programs, this instructor training will cover foundational knowledge of exercise and movement science and how it applies to group exercise class design, implementation and modification.

RealRyder®: Indoor Cycling Certified Instructor Training with Douglas Brooks, MS, and Adam Reid The RealRyder Certified Instructor Training Program builds on the history of indoor cycling, using a teaching system that eliminates guesswork, so that planning intelligent and creative workouts is easy. Join a pack of enthusiastic RealRyder ambassadors and become part of a new era of indoor cycling today!

Schwinn®: Cycling Instructor Certification with Julz Arney and Jay Blahnik Get certified in the industry’s most respected and progressive indoor cycling instructor-training course. This critically acclaimed certification course covers bike fit, cycling science, class design, music and the Schwinn® Cycling Coach’s Pyramid, a specialized system that makes teaching simple for you and an incredible experience for your students.

NASM®: The New Group Fitness Is Here! with Fabio Comana, MA, MS, Aaron Drogoszewski, Josh Gonzalez, Rick Richey, MS, and Prentiss Rhodes.

Through practical application, learn to make the most of your space; to design effective group training workouts with proper regressions and progressions; and to demonstrate proficiency in instructing group training workouts using various modalities.

Stability Barre™: Endurance With Music™, Level 1 with Merrithew Health & Fitness™ Faculty This high-energy new workout is a great opportunity for instructors looking to bring music-inspired movement to their clients. Drawing from the most experienced instructor trainers within the Merrithew Health & Fitness team, this barre program focuses on building strength and stamina, as well as improving balance and flexibility.

TRX®: Group Rip™ Training Course with Dan McDonogh and Fraser Quelch Get expert instruction and hands-on practice to instruct two group workout formats scalable to all fitness levels. Learn Rip Training fundamentals and how to incorporate a range of Rip Trainer exercises into client and member workouts.  

STOTT PILATES®: Advanced Matwork™ with Merrithew Health & Fitness™ Faculty This workshop presents select exercises from the STOTT PILATES Advanced Matwork repertoire. These high-level exercises are dissected to examine how components of movement essence are elevated.

Gray Institute: Foundations of Movement Training with Lenny Parracino

This full-day program includes these individual modules: (1) An Overview of Applied Functional Science™ (AFS); (2) Applied Functional Science Nomenclature: The Language of Movement; (3) Chain Reaction™ Skeletal: Real Bone Motion Creates Relative Joint Motion; (4) Chain Reaction Functional Muscle Function: Beyond the Anatomical Model; and (5) Chain Reaction Proprioceptors: The Organizers of Coordinated Movement. This course serves as a preparatory course for the Gray Institute Certification.

ACE®: Metabolic Training Workshop WS with Pete McCall, MS Learn strategies to help clients overcome plateaus and achieve weight loss goals with high-intensity metabolic conditioning.

Tabata Bootcamp™ with Mindy Mylrea Explore this sustainable fitness and eating program, based on the most current high-intensity interval training research and cutting-edge nutritional information. Learn to tap into an income stream by leading your own 8-week total-body turnaround program.

Reinventing Worksite Wellness—the Forefront of Prevention in Unfit America with Julian Varela, MS Learn behavioral and psychological principles that lead people to change their behavior, and gain strategies for designing a sustainable, profitable wellness program—from site management to employee incentives.

For more information on programs and event highlights, see our next issue. Brochures, detailed session descriptions, the full schedule, and registration information can be found at

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