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Ask the RD

by Jennie McCary, MS, RD, LD on Nov 01, 2012

Food for Thought

What exactly are sprouted grains, and what are their health benefit?


Like bean sprouts, sprouted grains are whole grains, such as wheat berries, that are allowed to sprout. In the case of popular sprouted breads, sprouted berries (often wheat but sometimes also oat, millet, barley and/or other varieties) are ground up and baked in the recipe. These little sprouted seeds are thought to pack more of a nutritional punch than unsprouted berries. And compared to refined and enriched grains stripped of the germ and bran, they do.

Sprouted grains offer the same nutritional goodness as other whole grains. While the amount and availability of some nutrients, including protein and zinc, may be slightly higher in sprouted grains, it’s a small difference and it varies among products. Some people eat sprouted grains because they find them easier to digest.

Sprouted grains are good for adding variety and a different texture and taste to meals. Top salads or wraps with a sprouted grain, swap a lackluster side dish for sprouted barley or amaranth, pick up a loaf of sprouted-grain bread or make your own. Sprouted grains are simply another good source of whole grains to consider adding to your diet and introducing to clients.

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