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Are You Ready to Take the Challenge at the 2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention™?

by Mary Monroe on May 01, 2011

Expand your horizons with a 4-day fitness education experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!

What is the next goal on your path to success? Learning a new training skill or getting a certification in a new area? Creating a community program or building another market for your business? Increasing your knowledge of nutrition, mind-body health or fitness business management? How about developing a new video, TV show or Web page, or doing more social networking to bring in extra clients and boost revenue?

If you have a passion for fitness and wellness, IDEA invites you to “take the challenge” and reach for a new goal at the 2011 IDEA World Fitness Convention, August 11–14, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

There is no better place to find out what’s new in fitness. Every year, the industry’s leading companies, organizations and presenters come together at IDEA World to launch their latest offerings and bring their top ideas, programs and equipment to the largest fitness education event in the world. “There are a lot of fitness events out there,” says Aprile Peishel, MA, IDEA director of event programming. “But there’s nothing like this one. It’s the event of the year for anyone who wants to know what’s really happening in our industry.”

The annual IDEA World Fitness Convention brings together a phenomenal array of top-level experts, influential companies, networking opportunities and in-depth, hands-on training that cannot be found elsewhere. The event features more than 300 educational sessions over the course of 4 days, and many of the sessions and programs are offered for the first time or exclusively at IDEA World.

For the thousands of participants who come to be part of this extravaganza, the staggering selection of programs is just the beginning. IDEA World is also known for the unforgettable experience it creates each year, with morning-to-night classes, workshops, lectures, competitions and festivities, including evening activity sessions and parties, stirring inspirational moments, rousing workouts led by top-name instructors, a strong international flavor—dozens of countries around the globe are represented at the event—and an electrifying, high-intensity environment that mixes music, movement, fun, camaraderie and a few celebrity surprises.

The convention starts Thursday, August 11, with 16 intensive Premier Seminars, and an International Reception on Thursday night, followed by 3 full days of training sessions, from 7:00 am Friday through 4:00 pm Sunday. The Expo Hall will be open from Friday through Sunday afternoon—more hours than ever before—showcasing more than 200 fitness, sports and nutrition companies with product samples and demonstrations, star performances and a wide variety of shopping bargains on clothing, gear and equipment. The fitness celebration takes place at L.A. Live, the one-of-a-kind entertainment, shopping, dining and sports campus in the heart of Los Angeles that was overwhelmingly popular as the location for last year’s IDEA World Fitness Convention.

“One of the most exciting things about this convention is that it brings people together from all over the globe who share a common mission: to Inspire the World to Fitness®,” says Kathie Davis, co-founder of IDEA. “We believe it starts with inspiring your world—where you work, the community you live in, the people you see every day. So this year we’re inviting fitness pros to come to IDEA World and ‘take the challenge.’ Get inspired, expand your knowledge, move beyond your comfort zone, challenge yourself to be your best—and then take that inspiration back home to help your clients change their lives.”

That theme will come to life during the convention, with unique challenges (physical, mental or inspirational) issued at every educational session throughout the weekend. Challenge medal winners will ultimately compete for the first-ever IDEA Team Challenge Championship in a semifinal round on Saturday and the final competition on Sunday.

NEW: Design-Your-Own Curriculum

With so much to choose from—up to 27 sessions in every time block throughout the weekend—the education experience at IDEA World is by no means one-size-fits-all. You decide which areas you want to explore; then you create your own educational curriculum, customized to your needs. This year’s redesigned registration process makes it easy, with a new easy-to-view pullout section in the event brochure that offers a color-coded key to help you find the fitness and wellness areas you are interested in pursuing. The program includes these categories:

  • Personal Training
  • Small- & Large-Group Training
  • Group Exercise: Strength, Circuits, Cardio
  • Group Exercise: Step & Dance Choreography
  • Specific Populations
  • Nutrition & Metabolism
  • Science & Research
  • Psychology & Behavior
  • Career: Personal & Professional
  • Business & Management
  • Pilates
  • Yoga & Other Mind-Body
  • Specialized Equipment

“Our programming is designed for career professionals who are serious about advancing in this industry,” says Davis. “At IDEA World, we offer intensive training to take you deeper into core areas of study so you can increase your opportunities with specialized expertise. We also provide plenty of opportunities to introduce yourself to new areas of focus, so you can find out which new areas of fitness and wellness you may want to explore or offer to your clients in the future.”

Are you just joining the industry and wanting to get your career off to a good start? Are you a manager mentoring freshly certified pros who need some guidance? If so, we have just the class for you. Join us for a free session (session #354) on Saturday, August 13, “Career Options in the Fitness Industry,” which will explore different fitness career paths in the industry. Follow it up with a visit to the Expo Hall directly following the session.

Bringing All the Players Together

IDEA World is the “one-stop shop” that brings the industry together and makes it accessible all under one roof. “We partner with the biggest and most respected companies and organizations in the world,” says Peishel. “We invite the biggest names, and we also look for fresh faces. We pair experienced pros with new talent. We mix the most successful programs with the newest trends. We feature programming that’s never been seen before. It’s a big mix of the best that’s out there, and it’s unique to this event. Our goal is to give you a true taste of everything that’s happening in the industry today.”

One example is Club Spotlight, which features the hottest programs and instructors from top fitness companies around the world. Here are this year’s hot Club Spotlight programs:

  • 24 Hour Fitness® presents Nike Training Club Workout with the 24 Hour Fitness® Presenter Team
  • Crunch® presents X-Pert Pole Fitness with the Crunch® Faculty
  • Equinox Fitness Clubs presents ViPR™ Wars with Lashaun Dale, Keith Irace, Jeffrey Scott and Lisa Wheeler
  • LIFETIME® presents LifePower® Yoga—Reach for Your Power Within with Rob Glick, Jonny Kest and Kimberly Spreen
  • Spectrum Athletic Clubs® presents Latinva® with Johnny Latin

IDEA World also brings the industry together with its 16 Premier Seminars—16 “mini-events”—offered on Thursday, August 11. The Premier Seminars are presented by IDEA, along with some of the leading companies and education providers in the industry, to give attendees a rare opportunity to obtain extensive, high-value advanced course training and certification.

IDEA World Personal Trainer Convention

This year’s special collection of 150+ educational sessions targeted just to personal trainers will be offered during the 27th annual IDEA World Fitness Convention. The IDEA World Personal Trainer Convention is part of IDEA World and brings the world’s leading education for personal trainers to the West Coast, with 4 days of in-depth sessions designed exclusively for these professionals. Both brochures can be downloaded at

Topics for Every Fitness Professional

The broad range of hot topics in personal training, group fitness and other key areas of the industry offered throughout the 4 days of programming at IDEA World include the following:

Personal Training



Boot Camp

Core and Balance

Corrective Exercise

Equipment-Specific Training

Functional Training

Kettlebell Training

Metabolic Training

Mixed Martial Arts

Program Design

Small-Group/Partner Training

Specific Populations

Sport Conditioning

Training Techniques

Companies/Programs: ACE®, BOSU®, C.H.E.K Institute®, Combine360®, CrossFit®, Gray Institute®, M.E.L.T.®, NASM®, NFPT®, Perform Better®, PTA Global®, SPRI®, TRX®, TWIST Sport Conditioning™

Group Fitness

Boot Camp

Cardiovascular Training

Circuit/Interval Training

Core and Balance

Group Strength

Indoor Rowing

Latin Dance

Martial Arts

Metabolic Training

Specific Populations

Step/Dance/ Choreography

Teaching Techniques

Companies/Programs: Batuka®, Indo-Row®, Insanity®, Kranking®, Les Mills®, M.E.L.T., R.I.P.P.E.D.™, TurboFire®, Zumba Fitness®


High-Intensity Training

Specific Teaching Techniques

Coaching Methodology

Creative Program Design

Companies/Programs: Keiser®, RealRyder®, Schwinn®, Spinning®

Mind-Body Programming

Integrative Exercise/Fusion



Tai Chi


Companies/Programs: Flexcushion®, Chiball®, Peak Pilates®, STOTT PILATES®, YogaFit®

Plus Much More!

Business & Career Development

Corporate Wellness

Exercise Science & Research

Management & Leadership

Nutrition & Metabolism


Social Media

What Challenge Will You Take?

“This year we want to challenge fitness professionals to never stop learning, and to find new ways to challenge themselves and their clients,” says Davis. “Sometimes we can let fear or old ideas stand in the way of trying something different or going in a new direction. But if we want our clients to make changes in their lives, we need to lead by example. There are so many ways to challenge ourselves, and all those individual challenges add up to global change. That’s the spirit of this year’s convention: find your inner champion and inspire yourself, then take the challenge back home and inspire the world.”

For more information on programs and event highlights, see our next issue. Brochures, detailed session descriptions, schedules and registration information can be found at

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