Are You in the 100% Club?

Feb 01, 2013

IDEA FitnessConnect

Get on the inside track with this enhancement to IDEA FitnessConnect.

You’ve likely already experienced the power of the IDEA FitnessConnect tool, the largest fitness professional directory. Your industry profile connects you to more than 16 million consumers, and 150 fitness certification/training bodies verify your credentials online. You may have received leads; shared insights with other fitness pros; marketed your services, classes and events; created a client newsletter; and managed client data all at

Do you know that you can make your FitnessConnect profile even more valuable—and receive extra benefits as well? Here’s how.

Complete Your Profile

Did you start your profile but forget to finish it? The more information you have in your industry profile, the more likely it is that targeted leads will contact you. To encourage fitness pros to fill out their full profile, we’ve created the 100% Club to reward them. Complete your profile and you’ll become a 100% Club member!

Your Benefits for Joining the Club

You’ll enjoy these advantages for being a club member:

A new badge. This verified pro badge promotes your accomplishments in a professional way. The badge allows you to show off your verified certifications. You can use it in your email signature, blog and website.

A select Facebook group. Gain access to a special 100% Club Facebook group where you can network with other 100% Club members and get the inside scoop on the latest IDEA FitnessConnect news. You can also network with IDEA Executive Director Kathie Davis, an active member of the group.

Access to new products. Be the first to know about all new product rollouts—and be able to use them before anyone else!

The brand-new FitFeed. IDEA FitnessConnect is about to get much more social. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to connect your Facebook and Twitter™ accounts on your profile. We’ll be adding to the benefits all the time, but one of the first is that 100% Club members will get access to FitFeed before anyone else.

Just for You

Why did IDEA create the 100% Club for fitness pros who fill out their FitnessConnect profiles to 100%? “They are such a key part of our community that we wanted to create a program to let you know about new features, offerings and opportunities on IDEA FitnessConnect before anyone else,” explains Davis. “The 100% Club members are the lifeblood of IDEA FitnessConnect, and we want you to enjoy even more benefits than before.”



IDEA Fitness Journal, Volume 10, Issue 2

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