An April Attraction

Feb 01, 2005

Whether IDEA Fitness Fusion—Chicago® is in your backyard or a world away, it’s the venue for CECs, fun and new friendships.

The holidays are long gone. New Year’s resolutions lie crumpled on the gym floor, and your classes have thinned out a little. There’s a big space between Valentine’s Day and Memorial Day—how are you going to fill it? If one of your resolutions was to enrich your professional education, mark a big red “X” on your calendar in April (April 28–May 1, to be exact).

At IDEA Fitness Fusion—Chicago, not only can you earn all your continuing education credits (CECs) in one weekend but you’ll also find an endless supply of verve. That’s right, verve, as in “energy and enthusiasm in the expression of ideas.” Your ideas, your cohorts’, the industry’s—making this event the best place to stop and refuel for the rest of the year. You are an integral part of a blossoming community, and we can’t have a show without you.

Places Near and Far

Close your eyes and imagine being a fitness professional in Botswana. While this burgeoning republic boasts many things, it is not necessarily a hotbed of exercise information. How do you learn about the coolest new programs and techniques or find out how to get certified? If you are Obert Morgan, who hails from Gaborone, Botswana, you go to where the action is: IDEA Fitness Fusion. Morgan says he got the fitness bug from industry vet Marcus Irwin, who had traveled to Africa from Australia to give a workshop. “But I wasn’t able to find out everything I needed to in my area,” says Morgan, who discovered IDEA Fitness Fusion on the Internet. “It was worth the trip because I made so many contacts and learned so many things in one place. I was able to take my knowledge back home and share it with others.”

IDEA member Annette Dumke lives in Holzgerlingen, Germany, and has been making the trek to Fusion since 1998. Is it worth the long trip and the expense? “Of course it is,” Dumke says. “I could also go [to conventions] in Germany, but I love to meet all the other fitness professionals and I think it’s good that they do something for themselves. There are also great presenters, and I love to go to classes.”

Not everyone travels around the world to come to Fusion. IDEA member Teri Lind, who lives in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, is thrilled to have such a great learning experience in her own backyard. “I truly enjoy Fusion for the education, industry updates and friends that I have made over the years,” Lind says. “Fusion offers such a great variety of classes. I can get a majority of my CECs in one weekend. I can participate in classes offering the newest trends in fitness, and I can meet and talk personally with some of the industry ‘celebrities.’ Everyone is friendly and down to earth. I try to take a variety of classes, some to get ideas and some just to try something new. I choose some classes simply to relax and work out rather than to take notes and memorize patterns.”

Lind also likes the practical aspect—being able to take what she’s learned and use it the next day. “I used to attend with the idea of totally changing my class format and teaching style. Now I take bits and pieces and put them into my class—this helps rejuvenate me, and my students get the benefits.”

Best of World

What if you could pick some of your favorite classes and presenters from the IDEA World Fitness Convention® and condense them into a more intimate setting? That’s exactly how IDEA Fitness Fusion was programmed this year. More than 100 sessions fill out the weekend: personal training topics, indoor cycling, no-nonsense exercise routines, management matters, yoga, nutrition, Pilates, and classes that combine formats in unique fusion offerings. These programs don’t simply transfer ideas on paper to an overhead projector. The sessions are infused with insights and inspired by the best minds in the industry.

Come and connect with your peers. Share the verve. You can’t turn the corner in your career until you take a right at the light. Dumke suggests you do a check-in. “Ask yourself when you last went to a convention. If you are not having fun anymore, are burned out or need new ideas, you have to get out and find some inspiration. It costs a lot of money for me to fly in from Germany, but it’s worth it. You have only a little drive or a short flight. Do it!”

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