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Advocating for Our Industry

Jan 26, 2010


We always try to be in motion here at IDEA. Not surprisingly, there is already a lot going on this year that we want to share with you.

For over two decades, IDEA has maintained a unique position as the only major industry entity that does not certify fitness professionals. This has allowed us to focus intensely on our mandate to provide the richest and most complete continuing education opportunities for our members, with the express purpose of helping to advance your careers.

In 2010 and in the years to come, we are not only setting our sights on developing more and better education for our members, but we are also looking to advance and connect the industry through new tools and programs we are creating. The nation is at a critical tipping point, with the obesity epidemic and healthcare crisis at the epicenter. We believe that one of the only hopes of pulling out of what is a certain-death spiral for huge numbers of Americans is to unite the efforts of all fitness professionals and their respective organizations to work toward a solution. Part of the overall plan is to introduce the concept of a new career portal at that will be a complete career guide for students hoping to break into the industry; for established professionals looking for a new challenge or specialty area; and for career changers ready to live their passion by devoting themselves to the fitness field. Our target launch date is this May.

The vision is to have all certification and training program information no further than a click away; to have every specialty area in fitness researched and outlined with comprehensive FAQs; and to recruit new professionals to our ranks by engaging them and telling the great story of our industry—and of the incredible career opportunities that exist within it.

This career portal will be your recruiting tool as well. For example, we all know that talented group ex instructors seem to be evaporating from sight. But we also know that each of you knows at least one “front rower” in your classes or on your client roster who, with the right encouragement and guidance, would make an amazing instructor or personal trainer. The new career section will give you a reliable, rich resource that you can offer that person. This is just a small glimpse of what the new Web portal is about, but we hope you’ll join in our excitement regarding its potential.

We are also thrilled with our event line-up for 2010. In fact, we are leaving in a few short weeks to get the 2010 event season launched with the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute (Feb 25–28 in Alexandria, Virginia). In addition, programming is finished for the IDEA Fitness Fusion Conference (April 22–25 in Rosemont, Illinios) and the IDEA World Fitness Convention (August 4–8 in Los Angeles). We are putting the final touches on the line-up for the Inner IDEA® Conference (September 23–26 in Palm Springs, California). We think you’ll agree that the programming is compelling and the array of CEC opportunities is both convenient and impressive, with more “premier” sessions and presenters than you’ll find at any other events this year. We like to keep it fresh and challenging for all of you!

Finally, this month many of you will receive an invitation from us to participate in our IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Trends surveys. These surveys provide an annual look into what program directors, managers and personal trainer–entrepreneurs have experienced in the way of program and equipment trends or changes over the past year. This will be our 15th consecutive year of gathering data from facility owners, managers and program directors and our 6th straight year of (separately) surveying personal trainer business owners and managers. These surveys are the only ones of their kind in the industry. The number of years we’ve been conducting them gives us the ability to show a decade’s worth of trend comparisons at a glance—so, know that when we call something a trend, it truly is a trend in the statistical sense. Such fact-based data greatly assists decision makers in knowing where to spend dollars for the future. We thank you in advance for participating; your feedback is essential to the survey’s success!   

Please stop and say hello at any of the events, or drop us an e-mail at to share your thoughts on what we’re doing. Many of our best ideas come from you!

In good health,
Kathie and Peter Davis

Fitness Journal, Volume 7, Issue 2

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