Activate and Initiate

by Leigh Crews on Mar 01, 2005

CORE BY LEIGH CREWS Activate and Initiate Use a systematic approach to core training. The core muscles support movement and help stabilize the spine. When designing a training program for the core, include exercises that activate the musculature and initiate movement in different ways, as happens during activities of daily living. This approach varies repetitive stresses and helps prevent injuries that can result from muscle imbalances. Each of the following moves activates the core muscles in a variety of ways to stabilize or initiate movement. Try these exercises as an effective core-conditioning segment in your favorite cardio class, or use a pattern of "lower-ab" activation (LA), isometric activation (IA), "upper-ab" activation (UA) and spinal-extensor activation (EX) to create a balanced and thorough core circuit. HEEL-ON-TOE CRUNCH (UA)

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