A Glance Back With Eyes Toward the Future

Oct 26, 2009


“When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.” —W. Clement Stone (1902–2002), businessman, philanthropist and author

It’s been an exhilarating year of growth and change for all of us at IDEA. Our team laid out ambitious plans for 2009—and then we pulled together and took those plans from the huddle to the playing field. Before we leap into more exciting projects for next year and beyond, we’re taking a few moments to celebrate the creativity and hard work of our gifted staff and its dedication to IDEA’s mission of helping you Inspire the World to Fitness®.

Here is a quick review of the initiatives we accomplished in 2009 in order to improve our products and services for IDEA members and fitness professionals worldwide.

  • In January we launched the IDEA Learning Platform on www.ideafit.com. You can now go to the online IDEA Store and find continuing education credit (CEC) courses; study the material; take the tests online; and get instantaneous feedback and certificates of completion to send to your certifying agency.
  • Related to this initiative is a fabulous members-only perk we started in 2009: free CECs! All IDEA members receive one complimentary CEC course per year. How is that for excellent value? To access your free course, simply log on to www.ideafit.com as a member and click the “Free CECs” button on the member home page.
  • In February we introduced the IDEA Video Exercise Library. Our initial rollout included 238 videos averaging 1–2 minutes each. This series is the first building block in what we envision will be a rich audiovisual resource that we will continue developing each year. We love the possibilities of the digital age!
  • In March we shifted the format of IDEA Fitness Manager, our publication for business members, from print to a digital format. Saving on paper, postage, ink and energy is part of our effort to work toward a greener world.
  • Also in March we introduced our Educational Video Subscription initiative. IDEA’s collection of educational event videos was made available as a streaming, on-demand service through the website. By paying a monthly subscriber rate that is less than the cost of purchasing a DVD in our store, users have unlimited 24/7 access to our collection of videos, to which we add 12 new releases each month.
  • In September we released 65+ sessions filmed at the 2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention as online video CEC courses, providing immediate access to IDEA World Fitness education at a fraction of the cost! Courses are available for individual purchase or as a package.
  • In addition, by the end of 2009, we’ll have published 10 issues of IDEA Fitness Journal; 12 issues of IDEA Fit Tips; six issues of Inner IDEA Body-Mind-Spirit Review; and five issues each of IDEA Trainer Success and IDEA Fitness Manager.
  • Last but not least, we hosted four educational conferences across the country, serving several thousand attendees from around the world in almost 600 top-notch educational sessions. Whew! As we said, a very busy, ambitious program for a staff of 35 to accomplish! We hope you make some time to take stock of 2009 and savor your accomplishments before diving into another year of carrying out one of the most important missions we can imagine. Thank you for the inspiration!

Holiday peace and good health,

Kathie and Peter Davis

IDEA Fitness Journal , Volume 6, Issue 11

© 2009 by IDEA Health & Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.


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