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a common sense of purpose

Jun 01, 2004


Welcome to the debut issue of IDEA Fitness Journal! We have combined the editorial content from IDEA Health & Fitness Source and IDEA Personal Trainer to give you an expanded and comprehensive publication, unrivaled in the fitness industry.

As our industry continues to evolve, so do the roles of fitness professionals. To help you keep pace with the changes, IDEA Fitness Journal will provide the in-depth coverage of specific subjects plus the general health and fitness information you need for your personal and professional success. Now all IDEA members have access to the same information in a single resource. As we all continue to Inspire the World to FitnessTM, it is vital that our common sense of purpose is reinforced. IDEA Fitness Journal will give you the practical ideas, resources and motivational support you need to continue this important work.

We hope you enjoy this debut issue of IDEA’s powerful new foundation publication. If you are an IDEA personal trainer, business or program director member, then you have also received IDEA Trainer Success, a new business newsletter created specifically for personal trainers. In addition, IDEA business and program director members will continue to receive IDEA Fitness Manager.

For more than 20 years, IDEA has led the fitness industry in identifying change and anticipating the needs of its professionals. We brought you some of the first fitness educational events, professional journals, a code of ethics and other professional standards. The introduction of IDEA Fitness Journal is another step in this natural progression.

During our visit in March to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association’s convention in Las Vegas, we were reminded of all the progress our industry has made over the past two decades, but also of the challenges we face in reversing the alarming trends of obesity and sedentary living. It was interesting to look around the tradeshow floor and see just a few companies with products and services geared to the youth market. If we are to make a difference for the next generation, our work has to start with fitness facilities promoting services for kids, and fitness pros sharing their knowledge with families at a grass-roots level.

During this decade we will see more emphasis, not only on childhood obesity, but also on understanding the mind-body connection to health, wellness and fitness. We have added a new column called “Inner IDEA” to focus on this important area. To help others fill their lives with positive, healthy influences, we need to guide them toward balancing work and life, managing stress and aligning themselves with their highest personal values.

The opportunity is ripe, and your training, knowledge and professionalism position you well to have a strong influence over consumers. Society will increasingly look to fitness professionals as expert navigators through the obstacle course of unhealthy choices. IDEA will do its utmost to keep providing the most germane information and useful tools to help you make a difference in countless lives as you continue to Inspire the World to Fitness!

Yours in good health,

Kathie and Peter Davis



Fitness Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1

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