6th Annual IDEA Fitness Programs and Equipment Report

Oct 01, 2001

Everyone wants to know them and to benefit from them. Fitness consumers demand them—except for those who try to avoid them. What are the newest fitness trends?, we ask. A trend, according to Webster, is a “line of general direction and movement” or a “current style or preference.” Being trendy is being fashionable. And in fitness, there can be a lot of fashion!

But for most fitness managers, fashion isn’t half as important as finding the programs that are working to attract and retain their clients. You care about helping people achieve success. You want high-quality programs and instruction. And you want to be resourceful in use of staff and facilities to stay cost-effective.

This year’s IDEA Fitness Programs and Equipment Report provides tools you can use to evaluate your programs and equipment. It will help you meet the needs of consumers and provide objective information for your 2002 planning and budgets. Use survey information and analysis to:

1. See what is popular in other facilities.

2. Research equipment needs for next year.

3. Plan formats that utilize the equipment and space you have already.

4. Benchmark your number of participants against industry averages.

5. Plan for new classes that fit your current or potential client base.

6. Adjust the frequency of programs offered on your current schedule.

7. Budget for the number of personal trainers and instructors you’ll need.

8. Plan and budget for master classes to research if you should add popular or unique formats from the survey.

Then, use the internal marketing techniques in “Six Steps for Successful Cross Promotion,” page 16, to inform everyone in the facility about new programs and your current offerings. Build your retention by applying the concepts from “The Fish! Philosophy,” page 20, with all staff members. Your staff and your clients will look forward to coming to the facility.

Every year, our special thanks go to the IDEA members who respond to the survey and provide this information. Your input is important. Let us know how you are using this information and what trends you see.

IDEA Fitness Manager , Volume 13, Issue 5

© 2001 by IDEA Health & Fitness Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.


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