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by Jessica L Cline on Jul 05, 2013

Week: 6/29/13 to 7/5/13

Can avatars help people lose weight? Does being active increase your happiness level? Are night owls more susceptible to weight gain? You can find the answers to these questions and other recent news items by following IDEA FitFeed. This indispensable tool is a great way for fitness professionals to stay up to date on the latest health and fitness news being shared around the web. If you are just tuning in, you can find the top five facts from last week’s feed here:

1. Late Bedtimes Are Linked to Weight Gain

“Night owls are more likely to gain weight than people who get good sleep because they tend to graze the kitchen for junk food in the wee hours of the morning,” says a recent article from WebMD. The study found that people who stay up late at night are prone to eating more calorie-dense foods because of hormonal changes caused by sleep deprivation. The article suggests that people trying to control their weight should strive to get adequate sleep or, when not possible, to be conscious of their cravings and food intake. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Melissa Romero

2. Working Out Multiple Times a Day Can Have Advantages

This article from Greatist looks at the advantages of working out multiple times a day and whether it is beneficial. Author Nicole McDermott writes that, for most people, multiple workouts in a day are fine, as long as people don’t over train; however, they may not be right for everyone. “The reality is that our bodies are generally more responsive to the intensity of exercise rather than just how long we’re pounding the pavement or swinging a kettlebell,” she said. View the full article here.

3. Leading an Active Life is Important for Happiness

This story from BBC News suggests that we can make ourselves happier by making changes to our lifestyle, including becoming more active. "In order to lead a happy life, a rewarding life, you need to be active," says Ruut Veenhoven, director of the world database of happiness, in the article. The piece also looks at the many factors that affect happiness and how different life events can change one’s happiness levels. View the full article here.


4. Avatars Can Help with Weight Loss

“Virtual reality could be a promising new tool for building healthier habit,” says this HealthDay article. The article summarizes a recent study which found that women who watched an avatar exercise and learn healthy habits in a virtual community were successful at losing weight. “We are excited by the potential of this technology as a scalable tool to help people learn the skills to be successful at weight loss over the long run,” says Melissa Napolitano, an associate professor of prevention and community health at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, in a university news release. View the full article here.

5. Yoga Classes Are Not the Same as Religious Instruction

Yoga classes will continue to be a part of the physical education program in the Encinitas Union School District thanks to a San Diego County Superior Court judge who ruled that the classes are not the same as religious instruction. This article from the Los Angeles Times reviews the case and the thinking behind the judge’s decision. Author Robin Abcarian supports the judge’s decision, writing that “yoga, as it’s often practiced in this country, has long since shed its religion in favor of a watered-down Eastern vibe that sometimes has a cartoonish aspect.” View the full article here.


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