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by Jessica L Cline on Jun 14, 2013

Week: 5/25/13 to 5/31/13

Have you kept up with IDEA FitFeed? It is a great tool fitness professionals can use to keep up on the latest health and fitness news from around the world. In the past week FitFeed has included articles ranging from topics such as "Ways to Make Running Fun" to "Top Superfoods for Healthy Weight Loss." These headlines are generated from news articles being shared across the web by fit pros. If you are just joining us, you can catch up on last week’s top stories here.

1. Yoga Can Help Your Brain Function Better

According to new research reported in The Huffington Post, just 20 minutes of yoga can improve brain function. According to the report, study participants had better speed and accuracy on cognitive functioning tests after practicing yoga. "It appears that following yoga practice, the participants were better able to focus their mental resources; process information quickly and more accurately; and also learn, hold and update pieces of information more effectively than after performing an aerobic exercise bout," Neha Gothe, MA, a professor of kinesiology, and health and sport studies at the University of Illinois, says in the article. View the full article here.

2. Online Food Journaling Can Help With Weight Loss

In today’s tech savvy world, tracking food intake to help with weight loss goals is easier than ever, according to this Los Angeles Times article. The article assures readers that there are numerous online food journals and smartphone apps to help with the recording of diet habits. The piece quotes J. Graham Thomas, a research professor at Brown Alpert Medical School who helps oversee the National Weight Control Registry: "One of the best ways to predict how much weight someone is going to lose is how well they adhere to the self-monitoring protocol." The article also reviews three of the most popular tracking tools: Lose It!, My Fitness Pal and Livestrong. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Dennis Crowley

3. Losing Weight Doesn't Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

This Yahoo! Health article shares the story of Los Angeles-based musician Papa Joe Aviance and his successful weight loss journey. Aviance lost over 250 pounds by implementing simple, healthy lifestyle changes including a daily 5-mile walk and buying healthier food options from his local 99-Cent Store. According to the article, Aviance’s food costs total less than $50 a week. The piece includes an example of Aviance’s daily meal plan and the benefits he reaped through making healthy lifestyle adjustments. View the full article here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Martin Cathrae

4. The Majority of Calories in Americans’ Diets Are Bought at Stores

This Food Navigator USA article reports that, contrary to popular belief, most calories consumed in the US diet actually come from store-bought goods—not from restaurant meals. The article states that 63-76% of calories in the US diet can be attributed to store-bought products, depending on the age group. Grain-based desserts, sodas, and energy and sports drinks accounted for a large amount of calories consumed across all demographics. This data was collected as part of an analysis of three sets of National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys that looked at dietary intakes by age group, food purchase location and specific food source. View the full article here.

5. Being Happy Can Help You Live Longer

Being happy can add 4-10 years to your life according to this IDEA Fitness Journal article. The article recommends making lifestyle changes, including adding exercise to your routine and focusing on the positive aspects of your life instead of the negative ones, to increase well-being. Elaine O’Brien, MAPP, a University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Leader and Temple University kinesiology PhD candidate, also suggests some strategies for fostering happiness such as expressing gratitude and creating meaning. View the full article here.

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