5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on FitFeed This Week

Apr 16, 2013

Last week FitFeed brought us a wide array of health tips ranging from the healthiest April snacks to how lack of sleep affects the body. Top trending stories included articles from the New York Times, Time Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, MailOnline.com, Salon and many other news outlets. Here are the top five takeaways from last week’s FitFeed news.

1. Exercise Improves Memory

New research finds good news for the aging US population: Exercise can improve memory. Study subjects were asked to either participate in aerobic activity or resistance training. While the aerobic group scored higher on post-exercise cognitive tests, both groups had significant memory increases. View full article here. Photography: Len Spoden

2. Walking Can Help Teens Quit Smoking

Increasing physical activity to 20 minutes a day through a gentle activity like walking can help teens reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke. In some cases, those who participated in smoking cessation and exercise programs were able to quit smoking altogether. View full article here. Photo used under Creative Commons from englishsnow.

3. Today’s Adults Are “15 Years Older” Than Previous Generations

Due to poor metabolic health and other health issues, today’s adults have bodies that are 15 years older than their parents and grandparents had at the same age. Today’s adults are more likely to be obese, suffer from high blood pressure and develop diabetes than in past decades. View full article here. Photo used under Creative Commons from C. G. P. Grey.

4. Environment Is the Root Cause of the Childhood Obesity Epidemic

A large amount of new research points to children’s environment, not lack of physical activity or genetics, as the root cause of the obesity epidemic. Obesity physician Yoni Freedhoff, MD, supports this notion: “Childhood obesity is a disease of the environment. It’s a natural consequence of normal kids with normal genes being raised in unhealthy, abnormal environments.” View full article here. Photo used under Creative Commons from alastairvance.

5. Yoga Offers Many Mental Health Benefits

Yoga practice has been found to have many mental health benefits including relieving stress, depression and anxiety. It can also help lower blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate and help with pain sensitivity. "If this were a drug in the early stages of development, every company would be drooling over it," says Murali Doraiswamy, MD, of the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina. View full article here.

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