5 Fascinating Facts We Learned on FitFeed This Week

Apr 11, 2013

This week on IDEA FitFeed there were stories from The New York Times, IDEA Fitness Journal, and USA Today, the British Broadcasting Corporation, Examiner.com and many other great resources. The array of articles provided all kinds of information, tips and conversation starters. Here are the top five facts we learned on FitFeed this week.

1. We Should All be Eating More Fish

Fish are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are associated with many health benefits, including protection against cardiovascular disease. A recent study concluded that people with high levels of omega-3 in their blood lived an average of 2.22 years longer than those with low levels. View full article here.

2. You Can Pay People to Lose Weight

A study done by the Mayo Clinic found that paying participants to lose weight was effective. Participants in the paid group either received or were charged $20 a month, depending on whether they lost weight or not. The paid group lost 9.1 pounds during the study while the unpaid group lost just 2.6 pounds. View full article here.

3. Stretching May Be Counterproductive

Many exercisers believe that stretching is an essential part of a good warm up, but new research suggests otherwise. Two recent studies underscored that static stretching can reduce muscle strength and power. Instead, exercisers should warm up with dynamic movement, concluded researchers. View full article here.

4. Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Boost Your Metabolism

Increasing your metabolism is as easy as making healthy lifestyle changes. Sleep, exercise and eating habits can all play a role in increasing your body’s energy-expending capacity. View full article here.

5. Plate Size, TV and Sleep All Play a Role in Children’s Weight

In the April issue of Pediatrics, three separate studies suggest ways that parents can help their children achieve and maintain healthy weight. These tips include serving food to their kids on smaller plates, making sure they are getting adequate sleep, and monitoring the content and duration of their television watching. View full article here.

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