4 Subscriptions that Send Health Products to Your Door

Apr 03, 2013

If you like to sample a broad range of products that might benefit your healthy lifestyle, monthly subscription services are only too happy to oblige. For a reasonable monthly fee, these companies send subscribers everything from beauty products to energy bars to cooking ingredients.

There's something exciting about knowing you're getting a package in the mail every month with samples of the latest and greatest goodies. These four health-related subscription services caught the attention of IDEA’s social media and web products director Kelli Davis:

1. Kona Kase

Kona Kase delivers a “Kase” of top nutritional products to subscribers every month.

What you get: Energy bars, gels, drinks and other health-related items.

Cost: $15 per month; free shipping.

Availability: Kona Kase ships throughout the United States and Canada.

Website: www.konakase.com

2. KLUTCHclub

KLUTCHclub sends “themed” boxes of holistic health, fitness and wellness products every month.

What you get: Organic protein bars, workout wear, skincare products, teas and more.

Cost: $10 monthly plus $8 shipping.

Availability: KLUTCHclub ships to the United States and its territories.

Website: www.klutchclub.com

3. PaleoPax

PaleoPax delivers monthly examples of snacks that represent the “paleo” food movement.

What you get: Paleo snacks from producers across the country. Examples might include coconut oil, dried fruit and granola.

Cost: $18 per month plus shipping, which varies depending on where you live.

Availability: PaleoPax ships worldwide.

Website: www.paleopax.com. As of this writing, however, the PaleoPax website says they are not taking new subscribers. Check back.

4. Blissmo

Blissmo sends organic and eco-friendly products that promote healthy, sustainable consumption.

What you get: Organic, nontoxic and eco-friendly personal-care products and food.

Cost: $19.95 per month plus $4.95 shipping.

Availability: Blissmo ships to the United States and some parts of Canada.

Website: www.blissmo.com

Have you tried any of these subscription services or others not mentioned? Let us know in the comments below.