21st Century Fitness Planner

by Gregory Florez on Feb 01, 2000

EQUIPMENT CORNER 21st Century Fitness Planner By Gregory Florez A few years ago during an IDEA conference, a well-respected futurist told several thousand fitness experts that they would be carrying around information about their clients on handheld "computer devices" within 10 years. Among the murmurs in the audience that day were several outright rejections of new technology. First, the futurist was off by about seven years. Second, this month's product is not a substitute for a trainer's expertise; instead, the device complements personal training services. Launched by Vivonic, a new technology company trademarked by Intel Corporation, the handheld fitness tool not only tracks client workouts and nutritional needs but also assists trainers in programming and prescribing routines for their charges. Similar to some of the palm-sized personal organizers currently on the market (but significantly smaller), the Vivonic Fitness Planner is geared solely toward the assessment and planning of health and fitness. The first version of the electronic planner includes the following capabilities:

IDEA Personal Trainer , Volume 2001, Issue 2

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