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Survey Results

by Jan Schroeder, PhD and Karlie Friesen, MS on Sep 01, 2008

Business Profile

Personal Training Programs

Yes, my company offers this program, and I think it is:

Personal Training Programs

Yes, my company offers this program, and I think it is:

Personal Training Equipment

Yes, my company has this equipment, and I believe the use is:

Projected to Grow the Most

Programs: The 10 programs predicted to grow by the highest percentages of respondents who offer them are not always the most popular activities. Only five of them (balance training, functional resistance training, back pain prevention, senior-specific training, and exercise for chronic medical conditions) are on the list of top programs offered. Yet respondents are confident these activities will grow, even when very few offer them.

Projected to Grow the Most

Equipment: When a piece of equipment is offered by over two-thirds of respondents, it’s interesting to see that there is still room for growth, according to IDEA members. Confidence reigns among the very few who offer some equipment types.

IDEA Trainer Success, Volume 5, Issue 4

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About the Authors

Jan Schroeder, PhD

Jan Schroeder, PhD IDEA Author/Presenter

Jan Schroeder, PhD, is a professor of kinesiology, specializing in fitness, at California State University, Long Beach. Dr. Schroeder has authored over 40 research and applied science articles in the area of exercise physiology and fitness and presents regularly at national and international conferences. In addition, Jan is a certified group exercise instructor and teaches in the private and academic sector. Certifications: AFAA

Karlie Friesen, MS

Karlie Friesen, MS IDEA Author/Presenter

Dr. Karlie Moore holds a PhD in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from Oregon State University where she still teaches. She owns Fit For Duty Consulting, a health and fitness consulting company for firefighters/fire departments. Get FREE health tips for firefighters @