12th Annual 2007 IDEA Fitness Programs & Equipment Survey

Jul 01, 2007

2007 IDEA FITNESS PROGRAMS & EQUIPMENT SURVEY INFLUENCING & INSPIRING EXERCISERS WITH CREATIVITY. How do fitness professionals motivate people to become active and-- perhaps even more challenging--to adhere to a program? How do we help people embrace the lifestyle of being fit? We can draw motivation from our excitement about the unique professional role we play in society. As exercise scientists continue to make new discoveries, we have the resources to bring this information to the masses. Evolving science then expands our ways of thinking about training, and we become free to be creative with equipment, choreography and class formats. Offering a plethora of imaginative and enticing activiBY JAN SCHROEDER, PHD, AND KARLIE FRIESEN ties then becomes a mechanism for leading previously sedentary individuals to adopt fitness as a lifestyle. July

IDEA Fitness Manager , Volume 19, Issue 4

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