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Restoring Physical Confidence in an Older Adult

by Ryan Halvorson
Client Success Story: Legally blind, Joan needed to improve her strength and balance to maintain her independence.

Getting Intense With Older Clients

by Pete McCall, MS
Senior Fitness: Research shows that high-intensity training can improve the lives of senior exercisers.
Traditionally, high-intensity power and resistance training was reserved for athletes striving to enhance sport-specific performance. All that changed with the emergence of CrossFit(r), P90X(r) and similar programs that have helped many average ...

Equipping Older Clients for the Future

by Colin Milner
Take a gander at the latest innovative features specially adapted to meet the needs of your mature members.
Over the past two decades, fitness equipment manufacturers have gone from peddling basic barbells to hawking digital talking machines. During this time, many new products have rocked the way fitness professionals design exercise programs, ...

What Type of Exercise Do You Use to Help Older Adults Prevent Falls?

Tricks of the Trade: Q-A.
While a complete strength training, stability and cardiovascular regimen is needed for fall prevention, here are some exercises that will help. Leg strength is crucial, and replicating daily movement patterns is useful. Squats (dumbbell or barbell) are ...

Economical Intervention Holds Promise for Older Adults With Osteoarthritis

A little goes a long way when training older adults with lower-extremity osteoarthritis, according to a study in the April 2004 issue of The Gerontologist (2004; 44 [2], 217-28). Researchers looked at the impact of a low-cost, multicomponent ...

Chair Pilates Offers Alternative for Older Adults

by Shirley Archer, JD, MA
As mind-body exercise goes mainstream, programs catering to people with special requirements are emerging to serve the needs of a diverse audience. Moira Merrithew, a leading Pilates educator and co-founder of STOTT PILATES(tm), based in Toronto, ...

Resistance and Cardiovascular Exercise Combination Best for Older Adults

by Ryan Halvorson
Have you ever wondered which exercise method is most effective for helping older adults improve functional capacity and reduce insulin resistance? A study published in the January issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine (2009; 169[2], ...

Blood Flow a Key to Older-Adult Balance

by Ryan Halvorson
Incorporating balance techniques into older-adult training programs is often a go-to method for reducing falls. Recent research suggests that a focus on improving blood pressure may also be necessary to keep older adults safe. The ...

Brain Changes Affect Mobility in Older Adults

by Ryan Halvorson
Balance and gait disorders in older adults may be directly related to changes in the brain, according to a research report published in the March 18 issue of Neurology (2008; [70], 935-42). The 3-year study involved 639 men and women aged ...

Older Adults Benefit From Doctor Referral Program

by Joy Keller
Older Adults Benefit From Doctor Referral Program The International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) have formed a relationship to boost physical activity among older adults. ...